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  • You're welcome. I try to pick backgrounds that match both of the Pokemon's typings, for example Bronzong's background was metallic pink for Psychic/Steel. :)
    Haha, the thing is, I thought the banner would take a while, but I just got it done quickly because I didn't want to keep you waiting. :p

    And I've re-uploaded pretty much all my banners to my Imgur so I'll PM you the Trinity League Triad banners.
    hey there just letting you know the that the weather tournament has started good luck and have fun ^_^
    Hi! I just noticed that the tournie started. :( I'll battle you today once I get back from dinner or tomorrow.
    GL to you too! and yeah I just looked at it, I was at 64% +2 focus blast does 52-62, a round of Stealth Rocks damage could have I think put the damage roll into your favor. Have the other's contacted you by the way? I've only gotten in contact with a few people so far.
    Going through the battle video, I think you needed either +3 spatk or Stealth Rocks damage. But to be fair if you did any sort of CM stuff other than the first I think Zam would have gone down to Fini's surf if you set up on that or down to Magearna
    Just ran a calc and it kind of mattered?
    +2 252 SpA Alakazam-Mega Focus Blast vs. 248 HP / 8 SpD Assault Vest Magearna: 192-227 (52.8 - 62.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO I wouldn't have gotten damage off on Bulu but unless you were sash Beedrill won
    Fun fact its actually my real first name and I've used the nickname for a few online profiles, I get a huge kick out of. GG I'm not sure how badly the miss mattered I'll have to calc it now. To be honest if you hadn't switched in Mamoswine to try and absorb the volt switch you could have gotten rocks up and won.
    Oh okay then I'm ready. I didn't know if like three battles that counted as three rounds or if like each team was a round. I think I have you added so I'm hopping on now
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