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  • friendly reminder battle of the tapus tournament starts tomorrow try to make sure to contact a opponent team member for round one which i will list tommorow the day of who to battle at midnight tonight :) have fun :D
    well tbh I plan on using one of the tapus but not sure which one yet XD I was thinking lele or fini atm as well you see the anouncment there slowly releasing the other mega stones but some are gunna be distributed for online tournaments only -_- that means I have to enter now lmfao unless I have someone just clone them for me XD
    thanks but I think I should be alright I will let you know if it becomes a problem if I am not ready for quite some time XD
    yeah I found out the mess with wonder trading with my ha love ball 4 egg move I breed on moon version "there is a problem with this pokemon" showed up so silly and frustrating >.<
    yeah I know its to crazy atm im sure they will have it updated at some point but the question is when? I can't battle for trinity or pokegyms yet in fear I might get banned or something for no good reason >.>
    it is there is a pattern I noticed if its not native to the alolan dex that is apricorn balls minus island scans it will not trade....as well as as breeding legally ha on apricorn balls with ha that is not native to the game will not go through too...they might have to fix this asap because its not letting so much not through that is legal...its stuck on the old rules I think...
    dj not sure if you tried it but I am having trouble transferring legal pokemon I breed from my older versions as offsprings I get a error saying there is a problem with this pokemon...
    hmmm yeah I understand which I still feel though I did that work for nothing if it gets replaced but I do understand your situation just please remember next time if you order stuff from my shop if your sure you want them from me and if you discussed the situation that it was for trinity I could of strike a deal to make them all at once I did it with a different league before actually. I normally give strikes to people that order the same requests in another shop but I will wave it this time for this situation. I am not mad at you dj just a bit disappointed I used my time to make it and it was only up for a few weeks on a main thread. I hope you understand how I feel in this situation but good luck for whatever you choose :3
    so dj I got a question I noticed you ordered the exact same request for a avatar banner in american pi's shop? is my work I did getting replaced?
    Interesting - And i see its ORAS until pokebank is made accessible for sun/moon i think. Thats great - now to pick a type. I think i have more than enough to make multiple teams of each.
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