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  • I may be around tomorrow. Not going to guarantee it as they'll be wanting me to help with making some of the Thanksgiving Dinner.

    And yeah, I like battling Japanese Players, they know what they're doing and don't even use all legendaries all the time. They give me idea's on new strategies I could use for my way of playing.
    If your about tomorrow, care for a battle?

    I'm just going to knuckle down and finish breeding. A bit battled out tonight.

    The Japanese players a like whirlwinds lol. Either you beat them or they sweep you away like your nothing o_O
    I'm really hoping for a new announcement!

    On a completely different subject, do you ever use Mega Steelix in competitive play?
    The apprentiship is done by end of October Fairy said. Unless she prolongs it like you in Trinity.
    I will open for Double in CCB tomorrow same time. I wanna sleep now.
    Sorry we didn't get to battle! :/

    I'm out of town for tomorrow and most of Monday!

    So catch up with you during the week :D
    The point of it being random is to make it like a grab bag, and add an element of anticipation and excitement.
    I'm sure a lot of members already have almost all of the 5IV Fire/Dragon Eggs I could offer anyway, so I gotta keep it fresh.
    You have ranked up due to your bazaar donations.
    The Rapidash Rank perk states you shall receive a random Fire-type Pokémon Egg.
    Oh yes, I got your message.
    Also, you're free to offer whatever battle style you want, but (as stated in the rules) you have to also be prepared to offer singles at all times.
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