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  • Yeah the thing bout Doubles everything must supports each other.
    I used only 1 OU mon n the team not too shabby. At least now you know what your dealing with.
    Yeah sure. My Rotom H kinda doesnt fit into team so you have a good chance.
    Oh yes!

    I've found in another ... place on Serebii, a very nice defensive Garchomp set, that actually has some viability in VGC.

    One that irritating Sylveon is stopped of course ;)
    I'm the same tbh. Playing to win I mean.

    Yeah, I knew Chomp could survive one hit! + rough skin.

    Sharpedo was bulkier then I expected. Usually they go down in one hit.

    I battled Lynx for the CCB league right before you, and won (Not bragging lol)

    What I'm getting at is the completely different mentality in singles compared to doubles. Much more mind games/prediction is needed. Well prediction of a different kind!
    I've found in battle spot doubles/multis that *SASHED* Chomp with Protect + 3 attacks is more effective. Catches a few people off guard ;)

    I was sure your Sharpedo would have Aqua Jet! Looks like we run the same set! Also on Sharpedo. I don't think my Gyarados likes it all to much! xD :p

    Nawww, you played to win! That's what I would have done. No shame in making sure you have a secure victory! If you can go for it! :D

    Again, the miss hurt. But it's the game. All the fire type attacks have less then perfect accuracy. I just chose the one for spread moves cos I use that Chari in Multis. :)

    Still, as always had a blast! xD

    Had to edit that, sorry. Who uses Scarf with protect? :/
    Which would you like to do first?

    And what format for the guild battle? I'm ok with any format.... He says now xD loool
    My Dojos will not be ready for a while; I still need to do a ton of test battles to ensure that my teams are even remotely viable.
    We're not all as good at building mono-type teams as you :p

    Also, is your Grass Dojo open? I want to try out my same team, only with a new Grass-type on the team; trying to see if it's a better fit for the team.
    Not quite, just training up a few more Pokémon.
    I'll post in the guild when I'm available :)
    I modified the rules of the war team and Dojo Masters.
    Now Dojo Masters and challengers will get war team points for Training Dojo battles.
    I also gave you some war team points to get you going, from those 3 battle we had yesterday.
    Yeah, if the League ever comes to fruition. How long did you guys have to wait for the CCB League to be approved?
    I don't think we'll have anything Thanksgiving-related, as not everyone will have Thanksgiving at the same time (for example I already had Thanksgiving last month).
    I definitely think a Christmas something-or-other is in order. Suggestions on an activity we could do?
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