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  • No one wants that and by that I mean:

    0. My opinion

    Oh god talk about dramatic. You complain that people don't listen to your opinions so then why the heck do you even bother telling us how you feel about the show? The constant negativity is so unnecessary. Loosen up.
    I was referring to the more comedy and that it was my opinion no one wants more comedy episodes. Holy jesus jot sure why you suddenly decided to comment.
    But fine, I express my opinion and thoughts and want discussion on certain topics and I get completely ignored.
    i express my frustration and vent and everyone swarms in to "attack" me, and its like holy crap its not that serious.

    There is a point of eventuality that people need to move on and leave my posts alone, if I'm "attacked" I'll be defensive that's how it is.
    I just wanted to post my reply about what you wrote on PJ042. Look, I would be interested if the Lemon siblings makes cameos in this series, but if they don't well that's too bad but I can get over with. I'm well aware there's other Pokemons that to the previous companions owned who couldn't make cameos. I just don't get the tone of your comments.
    I'm saying I do not understand what Go catching Bunnelby has anything to do with anything other than Go getting Bunnelby.
    I'm not telling you not to speculate, I'm telling you guys not to waste time on fake lists, speculate away.
    Hey Dustin, how are you doing? Glad to see you are still around. At least someone is keeping up with their hobbies while people like me are busy doing nothing, I mean literally nothing. Life has been like a roller coaster since mid 2018. How's your life?

    Good morning, dman_dustin. Fan of your Pokemon YouTube reviews, which had inspired me to join this site in the first place to get in action with the community, and I used to leave comments on your reviews.

    dman, I have to give you some credit for predicting the outcome the way you did as Greninja ended up being the one to beat Bisharp and then bite the dust to Charizard. Honestly, I can agree with most of your points and it sounds like the league was definitely not your cup of tea. It surely wasn't the best, but definitely fun to sit through up until the end.
    Just outta curiosity, what's your opinion of the Sinnoh league as a whole? In terms of Ash battles we got a rushed (partly offscreen) 3v3, skipped 3v3 (the one where Snorlax was shown), proper 3v3, proper 6v6 and a rushed 6v6, all in all isn't that mostly just the Paul tournament? Let's assume Ash's prelim match against the Altaria guy gets only partly shown and he gets a proper 3v3 before fighting Shota, so a rushed 3v3, proper 3v3 and two proper 6v6's, that'd be pretty much around the same level for me. Especially since he's not using reserves this time so every Kalos Mon should get multipe fights and at least some kind of a shining moment, unlike what happened in DP.
    [Excuse I'm very sorry if I offense you or anything of the sort dustin.I'm really really really sorry...in return I'll subscribe to YouTube channel.]
    I'm sorry but I have decided to turn off Private Messages for the time being for non contacts. Someone doesn't have a life, keeps spamming me. I'll turn it back on at undisclosed time.

    Try to use visitor messages from now on or if you are legitimate and not trying to harass me, add me to your friend's list.
    You know what I hate about Serebii Forums, is when you get infracted for defending yourself, or for defending your posts. Delete my posts I don't care, but why the added bonus of an infraction as well? What kind of internet do we live in, where you can't at least defend yourself or your posts?
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