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Feb 16, 2020 at 6:15 PM
Sep 13, 2006
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Apr 23, 1988 (Age: 31)
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Well-Known Member, 31, from USA

Glad I don't have that 5 notifications that I couldn't get rid of before Mar 27, 2018

dman_dustin was last seen:
Feb 16, 2020 at 6:15 PM
    1. MidnightFennekin
      I'm not entirely sure how a Harvest Moon X Pokemon crossover would work, unless it was primarily Harvest Moon, but with Pokemon themes, including some Pokemon.

      Like Gogoat for Sheep, Ponyta/Rapidash for horses, whatever dog Pokemon for the dog, Pikachu just because, and other Pokemon themes, like pictures of other Pokemon.

      I'm just not seeing a Harvest Moon X Pokemon crossover working out too well without excluding MOST Pokemon

      Rune Factory would probably be more likely, if we're talking about a Natsume Collaboration or rather apparently Neverland. I don't know I'm confused. I though Harvest Moon and Rune Factory were developed by the same people....I guess not.

      On top of that Rune Factory isn't (I don't think) on the same level as Harvest moon.
      You make Mareep cry :'(
    2. Ditto24
      I'm on the main thread thing you started now. :)
    3. Blackjack the Titan
      Blackjack the Titan
      Your explanation on the Dex Spec and Discussion thread couldn't have been better. I agree with your explanation wholly since that's the logic I've kept following since I started on the franchise. Some people just don't get it and I'm glad you set some things straight with that explanation.
    4. Eievui-Nymphia
      This isn't the VA List. We don't know the VA.

      Also, Ash's Pokemon has a good showing in this 4 episodes.
      Episode 6: Pikachu, Krookodile.
      Episode 7: Pikachu, Pignite, Oshawott, Snivy, Charizard.
      Episode 8: Pikachu, Leavanny.
      Episode 9: Pikachu, Pignite, Oshawott, Snivy, Charizard, Scraggy.

      I sent a VM and not a post because I find off-topic.
    5. Pepsi_Plunge
      Yeah in the last two days 2 or 3 people told him that already, he shut ups about it(aka doesn't answer since its trolling) now and brings it back in like 1 or 2 weeks.
    6. Pepsi_Plunge
      Hes messing with us, wer told him like 10 times already Locormus turned into a troll in the last few months.
    7. Eievui-Nymphia
      The dub dubs an episode before the epsiode airs on Japan. They don't need the Japanese version of the episode aired on TV Tokyo to dub them. And a episode is prepare for the dub to dub 2 months before release in Japan.
    8. Pepsi_Plunge
      I would stop killing my brain cells arguing about the water pokemon dman.
    9. Eievui-Nymphia
      THe problem is that you are sure about ewhat happens with Sableye. Remember that Sableye (and not only Sableye, dman) could be traded for a lot of reasons.

      You can't say the possibilities of Sableye not being traded unless evolves by trade unless do you know about Sableye, when ius going to be captured, who cpatures it, whose personality have and who is in the Gen VI anime.
    10. BurningSociety12345543210
    11. Cresselia92
      Depends of the character, but most of the times they end up with a full team, by the time they reach the last gym. And usually the starter don't reach the final stage before reaching the 5th/6th gym. In the noble story I did like that:

      Start: Snivy, one stolen Egg
      1st Gym: Snivy, Mareep, Egg
      2nd Gym: Snivy, Mareep, Growlithe
      3rd Gym: Servine, Flaaffy, Growlithe, Buizel
      4th Gym: Servine, Ampharos, Growlithe, Floatzel, Swablu
      5th Gym: Serperior, Ampharos, Arcanine, Floatzel, Altaria
      6th Gym: Ser., Amp., Arc., Float., Alt., Metang
      7th Gym: same as 6th Gym
      8th Gym: Ser., Amp., Arc., Float., Alt., Metagross

      I gave to him a full team, but not immediately and the Pokemon evolved steadily and according to their evolutions levels (for example, Mareep evolves a bit earlier in the story (Lv.15) than Snivy (Lv.17)).
    12. Cresselia92
      Yeah, creating a new region is actually fun. It gives you much more freedom than recreating a pre-existing region. But remember to not used too many cliches and to put unexpected twist to hook the reader.

      But are you going to put existing Pokemon or you want to create your own? I usually use the existing ones to not confound the readers and with the upcoming region I will put some 6th Gen ones. I'm just waiting for more details.
    13. Cresselia92
      Oh, I see. I understand completely, I have my own stories and my own comics that I keep for myself and that I shared with no one. For example, I have created a story about a noble that wants to become a Pokemon Trainer because he's tired of the royal life. But well, that's my story and it's still unpolished.

      Uhm... if you want to publish your stories somewhere you can publish them in fanfiction.net. It's a quite good site and I have posted my own fanfic (related to Super Smash Bros Brawl).

      I won't force you to write something for me, if you don't want. I understand that between personal time and whatnot it can be quite difficult to have the time even for think. However, if you're willing to write something... uhm, I give you free rein. You can use the same old stuff: trainer gets his starter, collect badges, defeat villains etc... but, you can put your own twist and your personal gyms. I'd suggest you a Dark-type one, since we still didn't get one.

      Anyway, it's up to you. You can satisfy my request or not. I don't have any problem with what. Feel free to do as you wish.
    14. Cresselia92
      Hey, dman! I read that you write fanfics. Where can I read them (if you have published them somewhere). I'd like to read them, since you mentioned them various times.
    15. Pepsi_Plunge
    16. Pepsi_Plunge
    17. Pepsi_Plunge
    18. Pepsi_Plunge
      It is damn cute, kinda like a fire Zorua so I hope its not a Dark type.

      Yeah I guess a fox will be a little leaner XD.
    19. Pepsi_Plunge
      I guess, it migth have a really cool evolution though.

      Definetly cute but as usual I'm on the evolve everything boat as you know.

      Haha I get the same vibe the thing is really awesome I'm really hope its a figthing type.

      Yeah I like Snivy base form more then Chespin I guess but the other ones are definetly better.
    20. Pepsi_Plunge
      So you're not into the grass type this time around? XD

      I like the 3 actually but its definetly fire>water>grass

      I'm a big started fan, I used to have Pokemon Ranch full of starters, like I said in my post I hope the evolutions don't disapoint me like they did with Serperior and Samurott.
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