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  • You should change your custom User Title to "Lord of Phantump" or the "Phantump Champion".
    It's still a shame you feel that way. I don't fully know your situation, but not everyone hates you. There are some great people in this world, and I'm very sorry that you encounter a lot of people who are the opposite. I know it's cliché to say stuff like "it's darkest before the dawn" and all that stuff, but life has surpising ways of getting better. I hope for the best for your future!
    I already know people hate, me, I already know I don't deserve to live, and I shouldn't have been born in the first place.
    Hey man I'm sorry you feel this way, a person shouldn't have to feel like that. Whatever is going on in your life, I'm very sorry and I hope it gets better. I know what it's like to have constant BS going on

    Also, don't worry about those a-holes in the Anime Section. It's like only a handful actually care and try to talk, another part is just totally biased, and another chunk are just trolls that purposely aggravate others. You know, the ones with "sis" and "truth tea"? :p
    It was mentioned in that thread that this did not apply to the anime forums, which you'd have known had you fully read it.
    You were also mini-modding by telling people how to post, in addition to not dropping an (off-topic) matter when explicitly told to do so by the moderation staff. Now stop it.
    Hi! I added your 3DS FC, here's mine: 4382 2456 8353

    Apparently I give Fire types in Friend Safari haha
    I don't see how, when she's the only interesting character that I've ever seen outside of Ash.

    Bonnie gets an honorable mention though.
    From what I've seen Serena's awesome. Kid edited his post, the original said she was "wholeable" which isn't even a word but I guess he meant horrible lol

    gotta love those typos
    Hi, I just wanted to apologize for my behavior yesterday, it was way out of line- but I am in a weird place in my life atm and I know that's no excuse, but I shouldn't have been on the forums yesterday and what I was saying really attests to that.

    Sorry man.
    Your pretty lucky... I seem to be the poster child for receiving hate for having a "high post count". I keep getting messages about every week about people reporting me for "supposidily" spamming the forums with one liners
    Just quickly based on what I know of the vas the
    Pokemon of Ashs that might have a speaking role
    outside of bulbasaur and his unova lot Donovan, Sceptile, Infernape, Noctowl, Quilava,
    Torkial, Torterra, Muk, Swellow Although I imagine we will see them all just in non
    speaking roles

    Yuji Ueda is listed, which means all of his Pokemon on Ash's team are in play as well as Wobbuffet.
    I got a Bad Reputation for agreeing with you about that... -_- Is that allowed? Cuz' I really don't see what I did wrong.

    ... and sorry to ask you of all people about this.
    I guess it looked enough like both to cause a argument. Oh well, it's a poodle, and luckily, a neat one. Will make mine totally naked.

    Thank you then, just wanted to say that. ^^
    Hello, Dustin. Just thought I'd apologize for the Llama vs Poodle arguments and whatnot. I still Think it looked much more like a Llama in those early shots we saw, but up Close, it's clearly a dog (just not a very poodle-like dog). I was obviously wrong, so, yeah, my bad.

    Sorry to bother, just thought I'd say that~
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