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  • It is damn cute, kinda like a fire Zorua so I hope its not a Dark type.

    Yeah I guess a fox will be a little leaner XD.
    I guess, it migth have a really cool evolution though.

    Definetly cute but as usual I'm on the evolve everything boat as you know.

    Haha I get the same vibe the thing is really awesome I'm really hope its a figthing type.

    Yeah I like Snivy base form more then Chespin I guess but the other ones are definetly better.
    So you're not into the grass type this time around? XD

    I like the 3 actually but its definetly fire>water>grass

    I'm a big started fan, I used to have Pokemon Ranch full of starters, like I said in my post I hope the evolutions don't disapoint me like they did with Serperior and Samurott.
    Meh you said that so I was kinda worried.

    About the posts, I won't comentate, I took the trouble of stopping answerting you so you don't get agitated some time ago, I'll probably keep doing that.
    Thanks.:] I always gotta make at least one character be Santa whenever I do Christmas pics like this lol.
    Found it on another guy signature in a forum and just saved the picture and used it myself, would have to ask that guy to see if knows about more.
    ~What you hear about girls "developing" fast, is mental wise, boys are "boys" for more years then girls.

    12 y old boys want to play games and sports and wtv, girls are looking for boyfriends, its not body related, there are bigger and smaller kids.
    @dman, the TR specials/reruns/etc. are for Kids Station (a pay channel) not in TV Tokyo on Thursday at 19.00 JST. They aren't to do a break because of that specials.
    Personally, I think alot of the problem revolves around Dragonite. It easily one-shots two fully, well-trained evolved Ice-types, then loses to a ground type. Based on how absurdly powerful Dragonite has been, they probably though "mid-battle" evolution was the best way to go.
    I suppose I just wish their Pokemon were balanced out more by now, like Ash's. Cilan's Pansage is likely going to lose to Dawn's Piplup, but for some reason it just couldn't have been Crustle that loses to her.

    I don't know, it just seems whenever Excadrill, and Crustle battle they're treated as almost uber unstoppable Pokemon. Whereas their other Pokemon seem a bit more realistic. It's like they both have a psuedo-Paul's Ursaring on their team.
    Just saying so you don't interpret my post wrong again(I think you didn't since you didn't respond to me), I said I was expecting Pikachu to appear and star been saying it for a few weeks, that is why I'm not as bothered.

    I hope two reserves get a win now but they migth give one to Pignite and one to Oshawott/Snivy unfortunatly, I'm hoping the Leavanny focus migth have him winning against one.
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