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  • Y'know it really seems the only reason Iris/Cilan are given such massive powerhouses (Exadrill/Crustle) is to counter-balance how unremarkable their other Pokemon are (including their supposed "signature" Pokemon). So in turn, they allow those these Pokemon to plow through most things without any real problems.
    Finding it really strange that Snivy is really almost not shown at all in this episode and posters and everything, she migth indeed evolve soon.

    Seems like the team is all out in the Hikari episode atleast.1
    Ok I put it in spoilers. And thanks for the information, I'll ask Great Butler about it.
    I'd like Wild-Bolt for Chaobuu, however, they treat Pikachu like a sacred deity. When have they ever given Ash's other pokemon an electric move, let alone let him catch an electric type?

    I'd wager Boiling Water/Scald is more possible, in spite of Ash's 2 other water types, due to it's burn effect, it'd be cool and something different.
    It doesn't seem like Ash gives a rats *** about winning this tournament. What with Iris and Cilan using their supposed "vintages", and everyone else using powerhouses...Ash doesn't seem like he's really in this to win given that he's using Scraggy.

    I suppose the guy with the Throh will be in the finals, but whether it will be against Iris/Cilan, or Bianca is kinda up in the air.
    Uh oh, all this potential Langley focus in the titles makes me fear that thus upcoming tournament will be another Iris show. Especially given the fact that she hasn't has a trainer battle in god knows how long. I'll try and be optimistic that it won't be...
    Do people not understand what payback means? And no I'm not talking about the Pokemon move.
    Losing to a snake and beating up a pig is the new definition for payback.
    Yes bad trolling since I said I still want Samurott even though I disliked it in the movie(or again dislike that it is Dewott evolution).
    If you didn't want such reactions, you shouldn't have said that in the first place.

    Honestly,how can't you understand the simple fact that writers used Iris simply to acknowledge that Clay's Palpitoad was indeed stronger. No insults were intended. <.<

    Also, you're comparing real life to an anime.
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