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  • I sent this before VM, but I had my VM locked so you couldn't respond.

    What's your whole opinion on gym leaders thing? Alot of the gym leaders I've seen in this series seem to be giving it there all, and are distressed when their Pokemon is in danger during battle. Almost all of them scream their Pokemon's name when they get Ko'd. Several of them have even shown signs of frustration recently, and in the past. It makes me think these Gym leaders are actually trying to beat the challengers, regardless of the whole, "no switching " thing...
    I'm kinda the same in that.

    I also gave Klinklang and Vaniluxe as examples of pokemons I don't like but I would eventually like them if they were caught, especially by Satoshi, he is also my favourite character.

    I never really hated a pokemon in the anime or ingame anyway.

    Most of the design I don't like the anime makes me like them, like Trapinch, Anorith and a bunch of other Hoenn pokemons, Boldore I didn't really like it but the Dream World art and the anime makes me like it a lot.

    I just mean that some people even back in episode 20, without Plapitoad even for them to use as an argument, just didn't want to accept that the capture should happen.

    I hope more captures(not in this region) could work like this, actually be a developed and a wanted capture, instead of it being caught rigth away, I obviously don't mean it always but sometimes it would be cool, kinda like a capture like Snivy but it taking two episodes or something with a better plot obviously.
    By the way dman, just wanted to tell you that I liked your atitude on the whole Krokorok situation, since the begining unlike other people, you actually accepted that it could happen.

    Plus you didn't act like a baby like others did, before and mainly now that it was captured.

    P.S: I know its kinda stupid to make this post but I did like your atitude through the whole thing.
    I tell people all the time not to let Pokemon get the best of them and not get too upset. The writers are just in a lazy state right now. It's called the Clone Johto Saga Syndrome. Something good will come out of all of this soon. You'll see.
    I see, well to be honest Pokemon is not far from being my life either. I've been a fan since I can remember and even though I really liked DP for many stuff they did correctly - I can't blame BW for being different. I like to focus on the good aspects of the series; the Ash/Iris/Cilan chemistry, Georgia and Burgundy, the neat animation and the new role Team Rocket got. I'm also hopeful about Trip since writers are hinting at us that they have a lo more planned for him than we think so I keep waiting for those things to happen.

    I have been trying to enjoy BW lately without even putting much thought on development screentime or anything but it just doesn't work.

    BUT, one thing that completely annoys me is that writers forgot how Ash's Tranquill exists. Seriously, wtf?
    You know, I just keep wondering. Noticing your increasing amount of dislike towards certain things in BW, why do you watch it at all? Are you hoping that things will get better? Or do you just enjoy nitpicking on every single thing this series does wrong?

    It's a mystery to me, man. :S
    Alright, I thought that might've been the case. I just didn't want people to think that I said it. Not to be nitpicky or rude, but what do you mean you didn't know how to respond to my post? Did it not make sense or...?
    Posting here so we don't derail the thread, like I said in there I respect what you said I don't realy care for it but that is how I see it, though I do agree if its just a rampaging Gigalith for the sake of beinga rampaging Gigalith that is stupid they could have used a Darmanitan or something.

    I guess what I'm trying to say with my post is for you to chill out, you are acting like for a while, wait for stuff to happen, you know like you I even wanted the 3 starters to fully evolve but we have to wait to see if it happens, before whining about it.
    Unless ghost type moves are supposed to pass through a normal type Pokemon (in your opinion), I'm not sure what you mean here. Even if a Pokemon is immune to a type doesn't mean they can't be hit by a move, they just don't take any damage. And we never did get to see the outcome of Tranquill getting hit by shadow ball, since it exploded and the focus shifted elsewhere.
    Pretty certain Hatoboh actually did get hit at least once by Shadow Ball. Not in the fishing episode (where,as you point out, it was indeed blocked), but in an episode before that.

    And you're right. Electro Ball to block Focus Blast is a good tactic. But I can't see why Thunderbolt or Volt Tackle would be used at all.
    I think its just another case of, I like Snivy so I want it to stay Snivy, or the vast amount of people who dislike Servine that want it to be a Servine, well if they want it to be a Serperior at some point it will have to be a Servine Xd.

    Another stupid thing in my opinion is the, if Palpitoad evolves Oshawott won't, that makes no sense to me either, they are two diferent pokemons I don't care if they are both water types, the writers won't take that into account at all, when they think of evolving either of them.
    Yo dman, do you buy into the Snivy shouldn't evolve because she has strong attacks stuff?

    That is just retarded to me lol, so she has strong attacks and a good personality, so therefore she gets no other development, because like they say, she has good attacks haha, its so freaking stupid.

    Yeah the only development we will see from Snivy the entire region will be battling Servine over and over and over and over again and have catfights with Emolga.

    Now thats a well handled character for dem doods.

    I actually think that by giving them strong moves, they didn't need to lose as much development at the start with training, like in Oshawott and Tepig, plus with that out of the way, evolution should be the natural way to go.
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