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  • Oh, so it's not like it has any evidence backing it up then.

    I would hope that doesn't happen too. Unless it doesn't actually leave, just considers it or something. Then her relationship with Ash would be stronger than ever. That would be good character development.
    Hey, I thought I'd better not spam up the actual thread:

    Seriously on top of some people not like her being caught by Ash and with the possible storyline of Snivy abandoning Ash, I'm not sure I like it the placement.
    Please explain the bold. Is this an actual theory floating around? Where did you hear it?
    I read you post in BW001-002 thread. I also like the idea of TerraVoltage if it works that way. I mean all Electric attacks no usable while Zekrom is around is gonna hurt many Pokemon in uber tier most likely Palkia who uses Kyogre's Drizzle. And then TurboBlaze gonna shut Ho-oh's Sacred Fire. Things gonna change now, don't you think?
    Hey dman, this is my bet:
    DP 165:

    Octillery-Gible 1-0
    DP 166:

    Pikachu-Octillery 1-1 (after 3 minutes)
    Ambipom-Pikachu 2-1 (after 5 minutes)
    Infernape-Ambipom 2-2 (after 7 minutes)
    Infernape-Raichu (Draw) 3-3 (after 8.5 minutes)
    In minute 20.5 Torterra beats Luxray in the tower (this battle begins in minute 16.5)

    Do you think it could happen?
    But if Torkoal gets and evolution then most probably Ash will take it to the next region. The new girl will have a grass type chick starter, Ash will have water type that leaves Brock with the Fire type and I don't want to see one more starter spoiled at Brock's hands.
    As for Gible part it will perfect Draco meteor before the league and it would be too powerful. I hate to admit but right now Draco Meteor is most powerful move on Ash's team and taking this move to next gen will kind of make Ash look too powerful. Or they will make Gible weak as Pikachu next gen and that won't look good either. I mean one gen you beat a Regice and next gen you can't beat a Crainidos and tie with a Elekid.
    I don't see any Pokemon of Ash's getting a new evolution. They are powerful as they are. Maybe when he is going to next region he will befriend a Cubone or Mawile or Sableye that gets a new evolution next gen.
    Well I had the same query too. Its already bigger than a Pidgeot so its evolution would be bigger than Torterra or some other huge species. But Electabuzz was also big in its own stage still it got an evolution. Not big like Noctowl but it surely was bigger than most of second stage evolution.
    So do you think that Gible will get a split evolution next gen? I can believe that as they always experiment something new in new gen but we have a problem in anime. Gible will be a powerhouse by end of DP and Ash can't take a powerhouse with him to start a new journey. What do you think?
    Yeah Fighting type would be better but we should not forget that Ghost is a physical type too.
    So what old Pokemon need new evolutions according to you?
    In Gen 4 we got some random ones like Electivire and Magmortar who were not even needed. Maybe they will introduce Noctowl evolution so that Ash can bring back his only shiny Pokemon.
    2nd Message:
    Hey I read your message on ShinycharyZard page(coincidence). I also wanted Ash to get a Cubone\Marowak. That makes three of us. But your idea of giving Marowak evolution ghost as secondary type is just awesome. I thought maybe its evolution can have one bone in each hand which it can place in its bone armor while fighting with bare limbs.
    My Response to your response to my post about Gliscor:

    But Stand Alone Pokemon tend to have better stats than fully evolved pokemon, so giving them evolutions was unnecessary. Which is why I hate Most of the 4th gen pre-evolved/evolved forms of previous gen stand alone pokemon.
    hey dman, how are you doing?

    I think i saw you on the bulbapedia forums, since Ive just signed up there. So Im just asking if your still there.
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