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  • hey watsup..im loooking for soe battles
    illl do single or double...prefer single
    let me know and message back on my page so we can exchange name and codes
    It seems I've got Ambipom on the brain. I was thinking of avocados. And for some reason I got up and said "Hm, I think I'll go make an Ambipom sandwich." I instantly realized what was wrong with what I said.

    I thought I would post this, so some of you can have some laughs.
    That was pretty much the idea. xD I was talking to someone about the Penguin's love for screentime, and Hikari turning into Piplup would...intentionally be just more screentime for it. xD
    How can you discuss a not yet created gen, if you can't discuss the possibilities of the not yet created gen Pokemon?
    If anyone was wondering why I haven't posted a lot lately, the last few posts have been kind of one sentence each. It's because my Keyboard got ruined. But luckily for "you" I have a workable one. Muhahahahahahaha...that is all.
    You know I'll ask here, even though I don't expect a real truthful answer.

    Do mods even read posts before closing threads or do they base their opinion to close threads solely based on the title and or when people report threads?
    You know what's sad?

    That every dream I have somehow incorporates Pokemon into it.

    I could be having a romantic dream when somehow Pokemon gets mashed in there somehow and in some way. I don't remember the last dream I had (by that I mean date) that I had a non-Pokemon dream.
    Hey dman_dustin.:) Haven't talked to you in a while. How are you? And wow Staravia has a weird name in Japanese. Wonder what they say in Switzerland.:3
    Google translated a Japanese Page and Staravia is called "Starch Jelly Bird" I thought that was pretty funny.

    Starch Jelly Bird use Aerial Ace!

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