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  • Hahah, people need to stop telling me to quit my job, it probably won't happen. I don't wanna be homeless, and I want to finish my education xD
    That sounds interesting enough. I'd be pretty pissed off if they did that to my city, so it makes sense. But I wonder why the government is creating Doomsday?
    Yeah they're part of the MCU too. The purple stone that Starlord had was one of the six Infinity Stones, like the Tesseract in Captain America and the Aether in Thor 2. Thanos wants all six, so once we've seen all of them in the movies, that's when they'll all come together.
    Yep! One of the main marvel people, Kevin Fiege, I think, said that there will be one or two more Guardians in that movie. I have no clue who it would be...
    Yeah it'll be the first movie of Phase 3. I'm pretty excited because he's one of the heroes that is usually ignored, despite being a core avenger.
    I can't wait for Age of Ultron! And Ant-Man too, especially because it comes out on my birthday! I'm not fond of Affleck playing Batman. I really loved Christian Bale, and if they were looking for someone to fill in his shoes, I don't think Affleck was the best choice. I'm not counting him out until I see him in action though.
    Yeah I'm excited for the new DC movie as well. Man of Steel was a great movie, and I'm expecting this one to be better. The Dark Knight movies were awesome too. I can see why a ton of people love Batman.
    That's a really tough choice for me, but I'd say Marvel for a few reasons. The MCU itself is amazing and the way they continue to grow it is as well. In general, the heroes and villains were always more interesting to me. Lastly, I read and learned Marvel before DC, so it has always seemed more original to me. DC is great though. I can't wait until their cinematic universe kicks in to high gear.
    Hey! Thanks for the feedback! Just to answer a few things--Diantha probably gets all kinds of trainers with various attitudes. And considering her title, and the fact that I was envisioning this down to both their last Pokemon, Diantha was more focused on the battle anyway. (And it's not like she's law enforcement.) I can understand where you come from though. I have ADHD myself and I agree that it's jarring--but the bipolar disease is certainly needed (I made the edits thanks to you and Dramatic--ADHD is no longer mentioned). As far as the pokemon being used to describe colors, I guess it's more of a nerd thing XP. I can see where it would be confusing at a glance, though. As far as the scenery goes, I had Indigo Platue in mind, the Champion's room. In fact, if it were in front of crowds, he wouldn't be able to get to challenge the Elites immediately after losing to the Champion, right? I get it though--I didn't specify, but as you said, I was focusing more on the battle / trainer / Gardevoir. I hope it didn't frustrate you too much :D Thanks so much for being an awesome person and reading my work. You made my day today :p. I hope this VM answers everything. Cheers n__n
    Oh my god that's awful xD you need to know how to handle yourself. Hahah, I don't really mind, I just don't have a need for it anyway lol
    Yeah me too. I think the movies are popular enough to be released in cinemas. All they really have to do for the anime to be released outside of Japan sooner is the voice acting, so I don't see why it takes so long.
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