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  • Oh, for snipers of course I agree it's not necessary. Snipers are too good as it is, they don't need anything else to make them better.
    Yeah, but as much as I love frogs, I actually liked this change. Think of it as a way Nintendo left its mark. It's practically like the Mario, Yoshi, and Gamecube that were put into MGS: The Twin Snakes.

    The GA KO camo is replaced by Fruit camo to attract Yoshi instead of Kerotans. The Monkey Mask that was an Ape Escape cameo is also obviously missing, but I doubt it's in HD collection, at least not for 360.
    It was only for that particular cutscene from my knowledge so far. The other scenes that I have encountered did not seem to have this problem.

    Yoshi is just a replacement for the Kerotan, the frog toys that are scattered in the game that you shoot them all for a bonus and an unlockable. Yoshi's do the same thing practically.
    Just to tell you, I got past the Pain, so I can confirm the Fruit Camo, and there was one cutscene that seemed to have low frame rate that I noticed, which was...

    In Subsistence at least, there were 20 "memory space" camo, but only two were useful, the Mummy and Grenade. I actually used the Grenade Camo to spam stun grenades to stamina kill The Fear. The 3D is actually great in this game. Also, crotch walking is very useful, at least for me.
    DocGoblin, I found some interesting information while looking through gamefaqs on Snake Eater 3D. TBH, I was waiting for another post in that thread, but I'll share it with you first.

    -"I'm playing MGS for the first time!" prevents you from choosing Extreme Difficulty and gives you Mummy Camo.
    -"I like MGS1!" gives you AUSCAM Camo.
    -"I like MGS2!" alters the opening cutscene so Snake is wearing the Mask, adds an extra opening cutscene of Snake taking off the Mask, adds an extra radio conversation with Zero and gives you Desert Tiger Camo.
    -"I like MGS3!" gives you Flecktarn Camo, Green, and Brown facepaint.
    -"I like MGS4!" gives you DPM Camo.
    -"I like MGS PEACE WALKER!" gives you Banana Camo.
    -"I like all the MGS games!" gives you Grenade Camo.
    Also, I heard that instead of the GA KO camo (which made you detect Kerotans) you have a fruit camo that detects Yoshi. I have yet to confirm it, but I already got to Snake Eater, so I'll probably get to it.
    Damn, I leave for a couple of hours and you leave me 3 messages? You're even more sensitive and butthurt then I already thought
    Still butthurt as always, lmao good luck at life. And try to move around instead of sitting in a corner. Might make the game a lot more fun. It's not very hard to figure out that the rushing thing is a lie. Blindeye on every class and a SPM of 220? Yeahwhateverbrah. Good luck in life
    I usually just mess around with people who whine about weapons being OP. But come on, you cant expect me to be serious when someone gets so butthurt like that. In case you havent noticed I have been trolling you the whole time. It was pretty obvious but you kept responding so serious lmao
    Fine, my experience may just be different for some reason. Also, I would like to point out that I have gotten one to two burst kills with the Type 95, just not at a long range.
    Read my VM again, especially the part where I say it is not a community-wide problem.

    Also, I have videos of the gun in action on four bars taking four bursts to kill. Maybe it is my aim, and one of those six bullets ends up missing and getting me killed.
    SPM doesnt affect it but your blood does. People with beastblood have a SPM of like 332 while people with *****blood have a SPM of like 220. People with *****blood are very sensitive and die quicker because of that. It's why the Type 95 always kills you in like 2 bullets. I knew you had *****blood in you after you started talking to me and after I saw that low SPM
    First of all, CoD wiki isn't always right. Second of all, I never said it was a community-wide issue, but it does take me three to five bursts at long range to get a kill, and other people in the CoD thread have agreed with me. Third of all, if I am tired of this argument, what makes you think I will still care to continue arguing in VMs?

    Anyway, I think the issue lies in accuracy or the constant lag in this game. Maybe if all six bullets hit, the target would die. But that is very hard to do because of lag and maybe my aim for some reason is only terrible with the Type 95. I really don't know how people are saying the gun is OP when it takes me three to five bursts to kill at long range.
    The reason the Type 95 isnt OP is because it's strength depends on who you are shooting at. People with a SPM of lets say 332 can easily take like 6 bullets. Campers with like a SPM of 220 usually die with like 2 bullets.
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