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  • since dream world starters were released as male only you can't breed their dw ability
    I'm pretty well... Times have been kind of hard recently, but that's so for a lot of people. The economy and all that. How you doin'?
    well, i'm there for school, but I am back in LA. i come back every summer and christmas. Texas is cool, a little different,but it is nice. you could get a huge house for the price of a shack here. How's CSULA
    Really? I just loooove analyzing literature. Even for pleasure reading. I read this one series, and I noticed this motif of things not being what they seemed. I wondered what that was about. Then, I get to the end, and it turns out the author's main theme was that we all create illusions for ourselves to get ourselves through, but the truth is really better. It was so skillfully done, too! Blew my freakin' mind! But I also really like vocab. I'm sort of a lit. geek, I guess. I'm considering majoring in it now that I can't do psychology.
    I think it was him... I know that his sons were eaten by serpants that came from the sea. Oh, I took AP Latin, and the whole course was translating and analyzing The Aeneid (and at first, we pronounced it "Low-coon, ha). We all translated together, thankfully. I used to be wonderful at the grammar, but then I got tired of it, and slacked off... but literary analysis is my thing. I'm sure glad the AP exam covered that more than translation... and that I remembered how my classmates translated things, ha.
    Oh, yeah, I like that game a lot, too. I like to use Talim... Anyway, Cassandra was a girl who lived in Troy. One of the Gods (Apollo, was it?) fell in love with her. He was all "Hey, if you go out with me, I'll give you one wish." So she said ok and asked for the gift of prophecy. But she broke up with him as soon as she got the gift. Now, a god can't take back a gift, but he can add an ammendment onto it, so he added that no one would believe her prophecies. So when Cassandra foretold that the Trojan horse was a trap, no one believed her. And there was also a guy who didn't trust it, and there's a famous phrase from that, but I can't remember what it was. "I don't trust Greeks, even bearing gifts," or something like that.
    Heh, the other two are Sybil and Cassandra. Anyway, no, that's quite all right. I'd feel guilty if you went that far.
    I will! Really, this is great. I finally have something to do now... and I can use this competively.
    I nicknamed it "Damus" after "Nostrodamus," by the way, since it's supposed to fortell disaster. The whole name wouldn't fit...
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