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Recent content by domo

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    Ask a Question Thread 3.0!

    I've only played through any of the d/p/p games once, so the only heatran ive got happens to be bold. is it worth using competitively even without the +speed nature? was thinking subtran with either wow or toxic
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    1st post... RMT BT singles

    hmmm was testing out the rest/talk gyara and its pretty cool but dry skin/water sorb pokes are really annoying. do you think i could switch gyara with a bold cresselia? dont know what evs/moveset but i was thinking ice beam/psychic/calm mind/reflect, this would be a more complete wall than...
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    not really looking for other shinies actually, was looking for just a scizor to use on my team...

    not really looking for other shinies actually, was looking for just a scizor to use on my team because i have nobody to trade with to make my own... if i cant get one, any useful legendaries that i cant get in platinum like jirachi or suicune id love if those are possible, but still most i want...
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    1st post... RMT BT singles

    only had 9 tomato berries, gotta harvest some to redo those evs for gyara... i guess i could just switch on water absorbers but it just sucks to self haze, maybe because im lazy in BT thanks for all the help
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    1st post... RMT BT singles

    err you're right about the punch, focus blast was what I have on the gengar but I was thinking of the wrong name when listing the moves out. ill try that sub set (removing energy ball) with LO maybe since ive still got that tm lying around unused...
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    1st post... RMT BT singles

    First post on these forums, been lurking a bit trying to figure out what works since honestly I haven't played this game with intent to beat other people since red and blue. I've been trying to build a team to just get a bunch of BP in Battle Tower Singles... here's the team I'm about to start...