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  • No worries! Hope you're feeling better and have a bit less work to worry about now.

    Well obviously I don't know my French. That's cool, anyway. Sounds very mysterious whether you know the translation or not.
    Ah, hmm. No, that's definitely not where I saw it, so I guess I'm just making things up. Mind going, old age, etc.

    It's a pretty name, though. How did you come up with it?
    Ah, that's good. I hope your rewrite goes well.

    Apropos of nothing, do you go by that username anywhere else? I have the weirdest feeling that I've seen you around before, but I can't for the life of me think where.
    Yeah, don't like school too much. Mainly because I can't make friends in real life easily for some reason. Made up work? You mean tasks you set yourself to do? Like writing?

    I'm doing great. I recently--as in yesterday--downloaded an emulator for Zoids Legacy and Digimon Battle Spirit and now my brother and I can play games we've always wanted to play. I also downloaded Firered, now I can finally try to beat the game since my Leafgreen catridge is fake. As in, not the real one, plus it can't save. I've also written a bit for a side story to my main story, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Ember of Hope. I also got to beat Milleniummon in Battle Spirit with Guilmon. X3
    That's be good! [Email is dra026@yahoo.com]

    The SP still works for me, thankfully. I occasionally get the urge to play it again from time to time.

    Heh, it seems we're both good at procrastinating online. xD And I've got a few PC games, but I don't play them much unless I'm with friends.

    I'm glad I'm not alone there. Though, ever since I began writing my story, all of those thoughts have shifted to scenes and character development for said story. xD And, you like Star Wars too? Nice! I was fortunate enough to get the entire set on DVD a few years back. And, I never thought any of the episodes that bad, despite all the flak that Jar-Jar gets. I didn't mind him as much then. Episode 3 is among my favorites however. It just looked really awesome.
    Alright, I'm looking over the document right now. Hmmm I think it might just be easier for you to make it so that I can edit the document. So, how about this. We can exchange emails and then you can give it to me through that allow me to edit it. How does that sound?
    SableVulpi? She, too, writes and has a story on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. She's pretty good at it, in my opinion, too. Hope it goes well!
    You are? Well, that's awesome! Didn't know you were already on there. xD If you want, I could take a look at chapters for you. I've got easy access to Drive, so reading there is nice for me. I'm hardly much of a beta reader, but I can give feedback. If you want, that is.

    Heh, same here! XD I got mine for Christmas the year before FireRed came out. I didn't really know what Pokemon was until I saw that game at the store and decided I wanted to try it.
    But that game holds a lot of nostalgia. And I came at the right time, as I could get my Gen 3 Pokemon and move them through the generations.

    Well, that used to be me before I got my laptop, now that takes my time. xD And, neither have I, really. You and I are very much alike in that regard, I tend to play CoD and other shooting and racing games at my friends' houses. But, I'm hardly good either. And, never played Mirror's Edge, but I would like to. Steam is a game-platform run by Valve, the makers of Portal. It's generally a neat place where you can buy and play PC games.

    Huh, well, my mom always liked to write as well, though I never got into writing until my fanfic, PMD: Overthrown in 2011. Never wrote a story before in my life. But, I had a vivid imagination as a kid and played out my own "movies and stories" in my head all the time. My biggest story was a sort of cross between Star Wars and Pokemon... That sorta became why I took to readily to putting them down on paper and eventually a computer.
    Ha ha. XD Well, you could ask around, or advertise in your signature (the part below posts). But then there's my beta reader (as well as for others), Shadow Lucario 50. He's rather nice and I notice he likes to edit.
    I believe you can provide a link here on the visitors page, so long as you let anyone with a link to the document access it.
    Sure, I will look over it. I may not have it done by today and it may take some time, but I will look over it for you and give my thoughts.
    Pardon if this sounds rather abrupt, but I heard you need a Beta Reader. Well, perhaps I can be of assistance.
    Well, getting a beta is a task that needs to be carefully done. You need to find someone who is interested in your story, has the skills needed to objectively read it for errors, and also be willing to do the job. I made the mistake of not getting a good beta reader at first, but now I've got two that are amazing.

    Anyways, to first start looking, it helps if you have a story that's posted... But, it's not necessary. You should probably advertise in your signature that you need one. Then, perhaps when you post your story, you can mention the need for one at the ends of a chapter.

    Two, you need some way for them to see your chapters beforehand. I strongly suggest Google Drive, a free online document system, so you can have your beta reader read and make corrections while you watch and fix the errors.

    You have? Well, I do hope that when you get around to reading it, you enjoy it. Just be warned though, only Chapters .5 and 1 have been revised recently. So, Chapter Two might see a drop in quality, but that's because it hasn't been majorly edited since 2012.

    Heh, Oshawott is my favorite as well. Heck, one of my main characters is a Dewott. ... Heh, I've gotten so many Eevees and Charmanders that I've had to put them back out onto WT. XD
    I didn't really know what the game was when it came out, only that it was Pokemon and it looked cool. Turned out to be the best decision I've ever made. And I've got an SP. The thing's a tough little box. XD And my first game was FireRed, believe it or not. Never truly played the old games.

    It was a unique experience for me. Even if I don't play a new game of the series, Almia still was great.

    I don't watch a lot of TV shows, actually. So, I'm woefully experienced with a lot of those fandoms... But, I do know of them.
    Heh, Portal is a fun game. The first one is available for a very low price on Steam. You should try it if you can. It's a great play.

    So, when did you start writing?
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