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  • Oh, I understand. I'm also very busy. School, friends (on- and offline), adminning on another pokemon forum, leading the group, etc. But all those things are nice things, so I'm happy :)
    Wow, Modest is a great nature for Gengar. You were really lucky with that. And it's very annoying if pokemon can flee from the battle. I chased the Latis for like forever until I discovered Wobbufet's ability lol.
    Oh, by the way, I have encountered two shinies in my life one was the Bibarel I already talked about and the other one was a shiny Seaking in the Trainer Hill in FireRed. I was like: NOOOOOOO!!!! THIS IS SOOO UNFAIR!! After I finished the Trainer Hill, I searched for a shiny Seaking for hours xD And your tips were pretty useful. I already knew about the old couple (they helped me to get $999,999 without selling anything like a Nugget or a Big Pearl) but I didn't know that Gastly was fairly easy to encounter as shiny. By the way, do you already have encountered the Gengar in the Old Chateau? I was so surprised when I met a lv. 16 Gengar in the wild.

    Oh, and your song is okay. The lyrics are pretty scary and it fits perfectly for Mewtwo lol.
    You're welcome. I'm always helping new people out here with social group stuff and competitive battling things. And you can always start and/or join an RPG group. Sadly this forum has not many social group sections (only three). I hope that they will make a special social group mod who could make more sections and permanently mods the social groups soon. But I'm sure that that's never going to happen.

    And I've only encountered one shiny in my whole life. And to make it worse, it was a Bibarel in the Safari Zone who fled away after the first ball >_<
    Ah, an RPG. Well, I've thought of making an RPG for the group a while ago but there is a problem: the social group rules. The group is a Ghost type pokemon group and the rules say that your topics must be related to your group. And unless you know a solution to make the PBE Ghost related it cannot be in the group. The mods are pretty strict with the rules and it would be horrible if the group got deleted. But if you find a solution to make it Ghost related you can post it of course. And you could always make an RPG group for all those things. There is already an RPG group but if you manage to make your group look different than the existing one, you could make it. And you can always ask me if you need help with social group stuff.
    You love shinys too! Yay! But my luck has ran out, my last shiny was Drifloon on 27/11/09 and haven't got any since.
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