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Last Activity:
Jul 10, 2011
May 7, 2011
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Interbreed Scientist, from In the oceans.

donutmaster77 was last seen:
Jul 10, 2011
    1. pika poke 126
      pika poke 126
      why hello! wuu2??? u kno hao is uz???
    2. Jumping is Useless
      Jumping is Useless
      yes, I do, actually
    3. Pokémon Trainer Xande
      Pokémon Trainer Xande
      After lots of time, I finally got your request done. Your Chimchar and Mudkip are ready. When we will trade for them?
    4. millarc3005
      Your request for the userbars and banner at the Arts of Light and Darkness have been completed, please have a visit and pick up your request. Dont forget to upload the results to your own image host. And dont forget to pm me back saying you've uploaded them!
    5. Nakashima
      'Wait a second...

      Ok, I like the userbars, but how do we put them on our sig? You didn't give an HTML Code.'
      Yeah, you need to upload them to your own image source, read the rules ;) Clearly states it. If people use them right off my image source, I'll get in trouble with them, as I have over 100 images on there that are being viewed daily. The SPPF Shop rules AND my own shops rules clearly state that requesters need to upload the finished requests to their own image hosting accounts.
    6. Nakashima
      Your request for 2 userbars at the Silver Lining Art Shop has been completed, please have a visit and pick up your request. Dont forget to upload the results to your own image host, so you wont hog up all of my bandwidth =]
    7. pika poke 126
    8. Vycksta
      I will put you on when I get to you, whenever that will be. Have a little thing called patience while I deal with a little thing called juggling three extremely busy jobs.
    9. pika poke 126
      pika poke 126
      you go to the serebii forums section and click general pokemon discussion and click oficial claim a pokemon thread version five then it's easy just look arond the thread then it'll say how to claim a pokemon and the rules
    10. donutmaster77
      But I'll be going back on later.
    11. donutmaster77
      Ok I'm done 4 now.
    12. donutmaster77
    13. wolftamer
      HOmework suuuuucks...
    14. donutmaster77
      Wouldn't that be the only way we could battle?

      Also do you have black, white, HG or SS? I can only battle on those.
    15. wolftamer
      Pokemon online
    16. donutmaster77
      And what go you mean by "battle via PO"?
    17. donutmaster77
      Actually I accidentally clicked "Edit profile picture" oops. But yes this time I did. Thanks for helping me.
    18. wolftamer
      Did you click the button under the picture and then press ''Save Changes''?
    19. wolftamer
      Oh,and also,If you go to your ''User control panel'' and the look for ''Settings & Options''
      and press ''Edit Avatar'' you can choose from the selection of avatars that are for use.
    20. wolftamer
      Maybe,I can only battle via PO
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  • About

    Home Page:
    In the oceans.
    I'm in the secret service |:3
    Favourite Pokémon:
    hmmm...well, obviously, I like donuts.

    Computer, boxing, liking doughnuts


    My personal White team
    Credit to Millarc for the team pose!​

    "Being defeated does not end the world." ~ donutmaster77​


    None yet.

    "Do not harm the titans of ice, fire, or lightning; thus the world will turn to Ash." ~ Pokemon Movie 2000​