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Last Activity:
Jun 10, 2019
Jul 3, 2011
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Doobius was last seen:
Jun 10, 2019
    1. Amacitare
      What is your Vivillion pattern? or do you have special pokeball pokemon?
    2. Shinee
      Only in trade, yes.
    3. SmeargleRocks
      Heads up mods changed your signature
    4. Isaac
      I added you just now, so now you have my safari.
    5. Isaac
      Are you still looking to exchange friend codes? YOu left me a message on my profile late January, I haven't been on Serebii since then xD
    6. Cloudchild75
      Okie dokie pokie. Let me know when you wanna trade I should be here all night.
    7. Strytho
      Do you have anything else? Any items to balance it a bit more?
    8. Strytho
      I'm pretty much looking for ha pokemon in specific ball, EX: luxury and dive balls. In my sig there is a link to all my trade info. Look through that and you should find what I'm looking for. Since I don't have any female ha amaura, I'm requesting to pokemon off my wanted list (provided they are a 50/50 shot at a female)
    9. Chriskona
      Yeah I'm ready!
    10. EQWashu
      I'm not super-picky, so any ha pokemon you'd like to trade in return is ok with me :)
    11. EQWashu
      ok :) anything in particular you to trade on return?
    12. BenGoesGrr
      Are you able to trade now, Doobius?
    13. xDarkSkyX
      Nice job! I finally got someone to do a trade with me, although it's going to be a big trade. ;-;
    14. xDarkSkyX
      Including the HA Shelmet?
    15. xDarkSkyX
      Thanks for having my back! I did manage to get them last night and as well HA Kricketot you were looking for! If you are still looking for this pokemon, I got you!
    16. xDarkSkyX
      Sure thing.
    17. BenGoesGrr
      I'll await the trade in-game, if you have time right now.
    18. Giblie
      usually anytime during the day. i'll probably be on around 6pm. i'm in central time. also i was add you yesterday but for some reason my ds wouldn't connect to the internet to add you then i forgot about it for the rest of the day, but I was finally able to.
    19. Giblie
      Yeah sure. I'll add you. :)
    20. Enigmadoodles
      I would accept you, but the 3DS with that friend code had an unfortunate accident with the floor last month. Sorry about that.

      I got a new 3DS with an Ice Safari with Spheal, Sneasel, and Cloyster though, if that matters.
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    3DS Friend Code: Doobius - 1607-2505-9784
    Safari: Electric - Pikachu - Dedenne - Luxio

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