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  • I think it does happened a long time ago. I already forgot about it, including the reason XD

    I don't think it's regarding something bad, though. So you don't have to worry.
    I agree! I get bored very easily whenever I don't have to go to school. My finals are next week and then I only have one more semester of college to go until I graduate!
    Hi there! I've been busy with my schoolwork since my semester is ending soon. I just got back from my Thanksgiving vacation where I went to Chico, California to see my great Aunt and Uncle as well as my two great cousins! It was fun! How was your Thanksgiving?
    For all of my little friends out there, I got some fishnet arm covers and fingerless gloves for my Halloween outfit (goth, technically) VM for pics tomorrow! ;3
    I had 3 Pokemon when I challenge the second gym on my White 2 game but I had 4 Pokemon when I challenged that gym on my Black 2 game. On my Black 2 game I had a Riolu, a Psyduck, and my starter Snivy when I challenge the first gym and the I caught a Growlithe before the second gym. On my White 2 game, I only had Riolu, Mareep, and Oshawott for the first 2 gyms and then did some level grinding and got everyone fully evolved by the time I challenged the 3rd Gym. Then later I caught a Roselia and a Trapinch before the 4th gym and then i caught Volcarona after the 5th gym. Whew! lot of stuff to write!
    I got both on the day they came out! I'm an early bird! XD I have 5 badges on my White 2 game and all 6 of my pokemon! On my Black 2 game I have almost 3 badges and I have 5 pokemon. They're awesome games!
    Too many friends to keep track of so it's hard to strike up conversations with everyone at once. I just haven't realized how long it's been since I last spoke to you. Some of my friends hardly reply to me even when I do message them. So how have you been doing? Did you get Black 2 or White 2 yet?
    Me too! Video games are one of my biggest intrests. Cool what kind of music do you like. Web design huh? thats cool, I'm actually looking to learn about web programming myself.
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