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  • Oh, I usually like to listen to music and play video games. I sometimes have chores to do like washing the dishes or shopping with my mom. I also like to browse on the internet and watch videos on YouTube!
    Yeah, people say that a lot to me! Some Pokemon personality tests even say that I uplift everyone around me and that I'm very positive! The only person who isn't affected by my vitally is my younger sister, she just gets annoyed at me. She's such a sourpuss. I wish we could get along better. Well, she only 19 so I guess it's natural that she gets annoyed by me since we're sisters.
    Well, I mostly spend time alone but when I'm out in public or on the internet I am very sociable! i can strike up conversations with new people very easily and I always have a lot to talk about when I'm chatting with my friends! I once went on a field trip to Mt Diablo with my 4 classmates who hang out with me all the time during class and whe all drove down there in the same van and we couldn't stop talking the whole time! It was so much fun!
    Yeah, I do like to talk a lot! Especially when I'm surrounded by lots of friends! I usually have several conversations on this site at the same time! XD
    I'm studying Social Sciences like Anthropology, Geology, Astronomy, Geography, and Cultural Histories. I've taken Cultural Anthropology and Physical Anthropology as well as Astronomy, Geology twice, Sociology, Geography, and I've taken many History classes like Women's History, Modern History, Ancient History and I'm going to be taking History of African Americans this semester! Whew! That's so many classes, huh?
    Hi! Do you have any other hobbies besides Pokemon? I like Kingdom Hearts, MegaMan, Spyro, Zelda, Avatar, and my favorite game to play on my 3DS is kid Icarus Uprising! KIU is so much fun!
    I'm almost done with community college! I'm still on summer vacation but I'll be going for my 7th semester at my college soon and I probably only have one more semester after that until I graduate! I prefer Pokemon Black over White because I love Reshiram! I'm planning on getting both Black2 and White2 but I'm probably going to be playing White 2 since Reshiram is obtainable in White2 and not Black2, plus Kyurem's White Form looks awesome!
    You're Welcome! Have you played Pokemon Black or White yet? Seems like just yesterday Black and White came out and now the sequels are coming
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