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  • *SCREAM OF EXCITEMENT* I’m as giddy as a schoolgirl now! I finally caught one! I got the Level HA Tauros! Any nature requests while I breed in the stats?
    Still nothing. Not that I’m giving up, but since there’s no telling when this will be, I’m going to breed your Minun first. Shouldn’t take too long.
    Let me finish finding acquiring the Tauros and I’ll get back to you for what I’d like in exchange for the two Pokémon, okay?
    I'm actually trying to do that very thing when I have the necessary time. I didn't think it would be too hard, as it was fairly easy for me to stumble upon a HA Miltank once. Unfortunately, as you probably know, Tauros is a very stubborn Pokemon when it comes to chaining. Of the rare times it calls for help, it rarely gets any. Plus, half the time help arrives in the form of a Miltank. I was chaining for well over an hour at one point. It got late into the night, so I folded my system into sleep mode and charged it over night. To this day, I have yet to find a HA Tauros. Since the weekend's here, I do plan on trying again. Also, if you're still interested, I do have a HA Minun in a Moon ball I could breed you.
    Hi there, I would be interested in HA Heavy Beldum if possible. I'll have Moon ball Clauncher ready shortly. :)
    Well, that was fast. Thank you SO much. This is the second time you’ve helped me out on specific requests, I think. I very much appreciate it. Gotta go edit my post now. Thanks again and take care.
    Don’t remember what time zone you two are in, but I’m in Eastern. It’s currently 4:19 pm for me. So, I’ll try to connect from now until 4:45 pm (my time).
    Well, while I do prefer the standard ability, I don’t think I have the HA, yet. So, HA would be highly appreciated, but not necessary since, as you said, I didn’t initially ask for it. I’ve finished your Clauncher, by the way. It’s Modest and only missing it’s Attack IV. Both parents were this way again, so it only took two eggs to acquire.
    Oh! Are you certain you want to use it? If so, would you like the offered Treecko or something else? Just to be clear, the Treecko has no Hidden Ability and it’s only egg moves are Leaf Storm and Grassy Terrain.
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