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  • I'm not certain if I can get the drilburr/excadrill because I don't have the friend safari for it and it's on two mirage islands that randomly pop up every 24 hours in oras. I can try but since I don't already have it I can't make any promises. Sorry I can't give you anything difinetive.
    No prob! And I did! Didn't need it but you insisted, and I have a trade partner that would appreciate it, so thank you too! c:
    Thought you'd hop online immediately after that but it doesn't seem like it, so uh, I am online and waiting!
    Yup, didn't forget. My other trades aren't working out though so I have down time. Let me switch to 6th, then I'll be online in a bit.
    Sorry, trying to juggle a million trades. Need to do a couple more then I'll be free!
    Cool! I'll have other trades to do in 7th at that time but I should be ready to switch over whenever.
    So far everything is still clear, so I'll definitely be here from the morning. Not sure how long though; I have a couple other trades so maybe an hour or two, but I tend to drop off after that, so if you have a different specific time in mind please let me know!
    Assuming my day is free I would be available from 10 AM to 10 PM, so somewhere in that time frame!
    Hmm, then my Wed times won't work for you since they are 7-10 PM my time and I can't go any later. I'm not sure what my weekend looks like though, I'll check on it and try to let you know soon.
    Then hopefully I'm not too late if you're still okay! Let me know and I'll hop on my system.
    Hiya! I am around but currently in a trade, if you're still around I should be done in a few minutes!
    Im not chaining one >.>
    Even with a chain of 40 its still only like 15% chance.
    You wont have rock climb or any of the oras tutor moves it needs anyway.
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