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  • Hey Dori! Your Inbox is full, haha. But of course we can trade for those. :D I would of asked you first if it wasn't the weekend still.
    Hi, your inbox is full. I was just messaging you to let you know that I have today and tomorrow off from work, so I should be able to trade whenever works best for you. Please just let me know! Thanks!
    Don't have to rub it in my face, could have just linked it said what it was and I would have viewed it, nice to have more info just please don't SHOVE it in my face, thanks for correcting me though

    EDIT: at least event hacking isn't as hidden as it used to be now and that they either accidentally or on purpose had the wrong dates
    Dates on pokemon in-game don't matter as you can change the date on your ds and if I recall most if not all events now only go by the date on your ds and not the release day or actual day of obtaining unless its the right date
    Here is a list of event pokemon i have:
    Movie14 victini
    Gamestp celebi
    Plasma deoxys
    Sum2013 dialga, palkia, and giratina
    Tru shaymin
    ANA darkrai-jap
    Smr2012 keldeo
    Plasma genesect
    Spr2013 meloetta
    Spr2012 reshiram, and zekrom
    Tru arceus
    Extreme speed genesect-jap
    Your inbox is full, so I'll post here instead, please reply via PM instead of VM.

    I have multiple of the older events from Gen V and below, including some 10th ANIV.
    Before I list them, could I get the IV spreads of the 6th Gen shiny pokemon you are offering?
    hey your inbox is full also here is what I was going to send you
    event celebi for shiny goomy? I also hae other events I can give you for amauta,noibat,honedge,hawlucha,froakie,chespin and fennekin.
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