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    WHAT THE HELL!?!?!
    Sorry for the late reply but, your reaction is priceless! XD
    I'm actually a Clawitzer, the shrimp with a hugeass claw.

    Canada is something special that is all.
    the mods thought i made an alt that i didn't. oh well. all that matters is that the page 3 name changes weren't made while i was banned; if they were, i would be stuck with this name for 6 more months
    I read one of your fanfics. The really short, really, really random one. I have forgotten the name though... the one with the porcupine army and Nicholas Cage's smile. Anyway, I think it was very good!
    Well, I just figured out a way to read fanfics agan! So, first I have to copy it onto MS Word, and then do some weird things with the positioning of the paragraphs. AND I CAN WRITE AGAIN!!!!!!
    HTSS IS FINALLY BACK!!! So much for getting more done this summer, though. >_<
    I went on an 8-hr car trip with my laptop in the trunk. -.-
    Apparently, some stuff fell, but the screen still works. (Like, If I clicked on something, it will still do what it's supposed to). I just can't see it. :(
    So, it's not impossible to us, but it's pretty hard.
    On the bright side, start 7th grade in a week. Yay?
    Hey Dormant. My computer's been a pain in the butt to use on the forums, since half the screen is unseeable (I can't read any more fanfics, nor write them. :( :( :( ) If you want a picture, I'll send you one, just because it's too hard to describe. :/
    Just wanted to let you know that I've been keeping up (albeit erratically) with Author's Run. I strangely find myself looking forward to its high dose of randomness.

    So yeah, just wanted to say that I'm still reading it. I still recommend fixing up the grammar a little bit more (or find a beta reader if you don't have one already), but other than that, you've got an interesting story so far.
    No worries. (I did delete your post in the fic thread too btw, but only because it was referring to a deleted post and so would just appear confusing to the author/off topic as well in that sense).
    A bump is when you post in a thread that people haven't posted in for a long time (thus 'bumping' it to the first few threads on a list).

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