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  • Regarding the Review Game: I'd like to review your fics, but I don't think I'm willing to read all the way through twenty chapters for your first fic (and I can't just review the twentieth chapter just like that with no backstory), and So Bad It's Good hasn't been replied to for close to a month, so reviewing it now would probably count as a bump. So, I think you'll have to change your review request ...

    Well, IMO, it isn't as bad as what people say it is. It's actually kind-of sad and sweet (and now you think I'm crazy for calling a story about a psychopath serial killer sweet). But, all jokes aside, it isn't that bad, compared to another one. I will warn you though, if you don't want to read Cupcakes, don't EVER read Sweet Apple Massacre. Unless you can handle cursing and very detailed mature content better than a little bit of blood/violence, don't read Sweet Apple Massacre. I'll probably have nightmares about that tonight... Hey, it's punny, isn't it? Nightmare? XD, Bad puns...
    And Arceus! XD But just wondering, have you heard of "Cupcakes"? I just read it on a creepypasta website, along with something else... Really disturbing place, the Internet. -_-
    Yeah, cupcakes...*shivers* Sorry, I've been reading some crazy My Little Pony famous fics... 12 year old weird girl things, I guess o_o
    When my mom told me a few years ago that the Internet was dangerous, I didn't know what she meant, besides that bad websites= computer malfunction. I had no idea that people wrote descriptive stories about nice, happy little animated ponies MURDERING and "playing" with younger foals in a dark celler...
    Sorry, this probably isn't something you want to be reading right now. -_-
    Hey Dormant! How's it going? I read the newest Chapter of Author's Run. All I can say is... Arceus, watch your language, especially when around newborns. Although I'm just glad she didn't start singing curse words... Babies learn things faster when it's in song form, I think. ;)
    I read your fanfic So Bad it's Good and its really funny! I like how Nicolas Cage randomly appears and consumes the teenagers at the end. XD
    I'm also reading Author's Run and its really good!
    Caught me just before I posted the new chapter. :) Sorry I've been really busy, with FCATs just ending, EOCs in EVERY subject (around 8-9), and an upcoming field trip to Universal. But I'm about to post it. :)

    Also, I read the new chapter in AR; very well written, and funny too! (As always). ;)
    Ummm...I would accept your request, but some of your images cannot be used. the background one is too small, and sprites cannot be stretched so....would you like to find some others or...? It's up to you <.>
    To extract images, all you have to do is go to Google/Bing/whatever search engine you have, search up whatever you have in mind for a banner, and copy/paste the link into the form. You o have to think about what that image is going to be used for. Usually images with solid-colored, simple backgrounds are best for things to put on the banner, while the background depends on the kind of banner you get. Some offer different styles (bubbles leaves, fire etc), and some let you pick a background image. To add your characters, you have a couple of options. If your character resembles a particular character from anything (Red and Gold, for example), you can usually just find a picture of them. For characters like Arceus and Dormant, you could probably find an image of a person that resembles them, and use that. Or, for Arceus you could just find her in Pokémon form. But if you can't find a good image that resembles Dormant, you could probably go to the fan art open request thread and see if anyone can make something that suits your needs. If this was confusing, I would recommend PM/VMing Eeveelover824, TheSketchQueen, ~BrightStarVictory~, or another artist from the forum to clarify, since a lot of them are very good artists, IMO. Not that others aren't, I just remember them off the top of my head.
    To be honest, I really am not that good with computer art, but if you want a banner, you should go check out the Fan Art Shops thread in the Fan Art sub-forum (right next to the fanfiction sub-forum) You can go to the different 'shops' that offer different kinds of artwork (banners, sprites, badges, team poses, WAY too many more to name). Usually there will be examples of what they can do, and if you like a certain design, then you usually have to fill out a form, and then the artist will accept your request (as long as it meets all of their guidelines, VERY IMPORTANT). An I think a lot of them PM you when they're finished with something, so you can pick it up. Just remember:
    1) Follow all rules/guidelines/foms the shop has
    2) Be patient when you're waiting for your request
    3)Give credit! As long as wherever you have it (in your sig, etc), you have something like "Credit for the ____ goes to ____" you're usually good, unless the artist says otherwise.
    I guess you could say yes but no. >_< I read it in my free time, which came by the minute or two, so I haven't gotten a chance to read it in one sitting like normal and comment >_< I just finished a trade so I'll see if I can do that tonight, though :)
    By the way, a lot of people read your fics, heck, even Psychic read it. Your fic has actually been referenced in her new April Fool's day Fic! And your Fics are really funny.
    Anyway, I read your story- So Bad it's good, and I loved it. The title described it perfectly.

    Nicolas Cage was awesome, and I loved the ending of your fic.

    Though it would have been better if Spongeborb Squarepants and Magikarp were included. :p

    Anyway, I'm officially insane now. XD
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