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  • Finally got the Discussion Thread. Psychic hasn't replied yet, but I asked Kamotz and easily got a reply.
    I'm just waiting for more people to get to Jubilife.

    And for Psychic to see my PM for a discussion thread already. If I don't have one by the end of the week, I'll probably just ask a different mod because this is annoying.
    That's because we talked about it via VM before I sent the PMs. Basically, I asked people what place they want their characters to be in for the contest, if they are entering.
    By the way, I guess your characters can get their badge and/or ribbon case at Jubilife City, unless they don't want one.
    That sounds good.

    Nothing yet, unfortunately. I hate when mods don't reply to messages. It doesn't even take that long......
    Sure, that's fine!

    We only need one more person to have their characters start their adventure. Do you know what your coordinators will get in? (Can't even remember if you have one or 2 or no coordinators.....) My character wont get past the appeal round.
    Yeah, we're almost in August!

    Anyways, I have to get off now, so bye! Hopefully Psychic will reply to my PM requesting permission for the discussion thread by the time I get on later!
    Thanks! It was pretty fun the first time around. Too bad things stopped because of school. Hopefully that wont happen this time. At least RPGs can be bumped as long as they aren't older than 2 months.
    Sounds like a good idea to have Jazzy & Talia appear! Are they related to your current characters in any way?
    Hopefully everything can be equally exciting a second time around with more people. We are probably going to have to have 128 total people in the league and 128 in the GF as well, depending on how many rivals people have. If that's the case, I might make Top 128 & Top 64 of the GF appeal rounds. Definitely Top 128. It's a good thing we aren't showing random NPC battles!
    Yeah. I'm just waiting for Psychic to A-OK it.

    I don't know how we'd manage without discussion threads. I remember in the original Return of TG, we even planned out the league & GF.
    Well, there are contest and gym locations and TG.

    If you want to move ahead, that is fine, but you can't start the contest in Jubilife until everyone who is entering is there.

    By the way, I PMed Psychic about having a discussion thread, so hopefully we can have one by the end of today. Then we'll be able to communicate ideas to each other much easier.
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