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  • *checks the thread* Oh, whoops! Sorry! I'll change it soon! But I see what you mean with the original teams. After all, I was trying to use an original team myself. I guess I forgot about the Noctowl your character had though, heh.
    The whole thing is in the RPG Ideas and Wishes thread. But it's basically a post-apocalyptic story about genetic manipulation gone haywire.
    grumbles... I don't even look at other players sign-ups so bleh. I wasn't planning on using zorua, but I guess I can use that one since it hasn't been used yet.... Might not be able to edit right now. Thunderstorm so power may go.
    That's pretty cool - trade evolutions suit me though - I mean, I've edited out Gallade and Flygon for Yanmega and Porygon-Z - Porygon-Z is a double trade evo xD
    Nope, you don't have to. I've also got a couple that evolve with trade. You could have some evolve with trade if you want.
    Slipomatic is editing them anyway, and I'll talk to Soulmuse and see what he thinks - if the worst comes to the worst, I'll cut something.

    Oh, go on the weird phrases thread. I've just mega-trolled.
    yeah, fair enough - seems good.

    I'm not looking for anything in particular, I just didn't particularly want to lose Gallade, but with three of them... As for bugging me, I'm a general annoyance, so don't worry about bugs XD
    Manectric is cool, and does keep up the line, yeah. As for Galvantula I'm the spider-finder and mover of the family. If one appears, I'm the one who gets it out of sight. So a huge electric spider is no problem for me...

    Abra/Gastly require trades - I already have Kingdra/Scizor for that.

    Bisharp is cool, but tbh he gets rushed so easily, and Pawniard is hard to train...

    Don't worry about rambles, rambles make everything non-rambly fun.
    Torpoleon asked Slipomatic to change some I believe, but I haven't said anything to Soulmuse. I may just ask him to replace one or the other. I don't want to replace Leafeon by any means.

    So I can replace Luxray with Manectric or Galvantula if need be, and if I replace Absol, it'll be for a different type of Pokemon, so probably looking at Skarmory/Smeargle/Beedrill.

    Flygon will be replaced with Gliscor if need be.

    As for Gallade, I may change it to Bisharp, but don't really want to.
    I'm considering doing that - but it'd mean lots of changes for me. Slipomatic started with an Eevee, despite asking the question AFTER I'd posted and been accepted and picked Gallade, Leafeon and Luxray, and Soulmuse has picked Flygon, another Gallade and Absol.

    So that's 5 of 12 Pokemon I'd need to change, despite originally posting them - it just frustrates me. And both have picked Pokemon other members are using. It's not like there aren't a massively wide variety of choices. There are around 300 different families of Pokemon.
    Sorry for what I said in the RP SU. I'm not flaming or anything, I've just had so many problems in RP's with repetitive teams - it's a small thing that can become a large thing that just bugs me.
    If you see what I mean? =S
    Yeah we could have them recognize each other. Well, lets say that Ian doesn't know who they are, but Emily does, or something like that. That reminds me, i need to read teh other SUs in depth.
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