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  • ok very important question! which type of pokemon trainer would you be from and any generation:lass,pokemon maniac, ace trainer, etc! quickly answer!
    I was doing a Nuzlocke on my classic Silver to pass time till I got White. No one died until I reached Whitney and her evil Miltank.
    Oh, we have a Math Final in May, and I think it's about three hours :'(, but I think we got home after it. This also Science once school ends, as well as Social Studies, and Language (Italian for me).
    Yeah, we start at the beginning of September. Usually after Labor Day. How about you? Oh, and in Elementary School, we'd end around June 25th, but we didn't have Finals. Aside from Finals we have about four months off!
    Actually, I think we get out on June 9th, and then the 10th is "Moving Up Day" (which is graduation, so I don't see why my school has to get all fancy all of a sudden o_0), but we have Finals the next week, so we're officially done with school around the 18th. Still before you, so, haha. Not to mention that 8th Graders (aka me) get a barbecue over the summer vacation, but if we don't, I'm going to hate my school district for doing that to the 8th Graders last year, but not for me. :(
    What? I meant the year 2011, not the school year, if that's what you thought I meant. ;) But yeah, if it's by the school year, then May is pretty much the last month of school since we end around June 10th (but we have finals :()
    Wow, so far you seem pretty busy this year, and by your second trip we aren't even half way done with the year.

    I don't get much rewards for good grades, but I got the Report Card a little bit before B/W came out, anyway, and I still need a few other things to get with my money (and I won't have a lot until my birthday) Someone could get White for your birthday, since it seems to be after those two trips, anyway.

    Have you thought of a team?
    Oh, well a couple of big trips are better than a videogame, anyway. I know it's probably a while away, but have fun when you go.

    As for me, well, I got Pokémon Black (and obviously Torp got White), and I think it's great! I like how, so far, the only legendary that gave me trouble was Kyurem. :D Also, we were planning a tip at the end of June so it's after Finals and whatnot, so we'll be gone for about five-ish days. I got Pokémon Black as a reward for getting good grades on my Report Card and because I didn't have the money, but I'm saving up for an Xbox Hard drive (the one I got has crappy space) as well as a Headset, even though I hate most of them, but it's better than talking through the Kinect.
    Yeah that cleared it up :)

    Hey there. I just have a question about your flow in reaching salvation that I'm too sure about. How easy is it for the person under the illusion to relise it's not real, or can they relise at all?

    It was just something I wasn't sure about and if it came up in the roleplaying topic it would be good to know in advance :)
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