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  • he daan. ik was eventjes aan het rondkijken of mijn oude account er nog was. grappig hoe dat spul blijft kleven.

    zie je op steam dude!
    My bad for getting back to you so late...

    You're talking about Mario Land, right? In that respect, it is pretty easy. I found that levels were extremely easy to beat with the tanooki suit. The hovering made the jumps a lot easier. I still really loved the game, though.
    Oh nice. Definitely looks like the best game of the franchise so far. I'm so excited for it.

    Good luck with Snivy. I'm a bit surprised that it'll be your first time with the female character. But hey, there's always a first. =P
    Hey! It has been awhile! It's good to hear from you. =)

    But yeah. I've been doing well. Been working a lot but I've also been making time for a social life. Things going well on your end this summer?

    That's pretty lucky. I'm kinda jealous. lol Have you heard about the shining charm that will be in BW2? That's going to be pretty awesome. =)

    Which version will you be getting? I'm going with Black 2, since I started with Black. My girlfriend is playing White so hopefully she'll be finished by the time the sequels come out so that we can play together. =P

    Hear from you soon! I'm glad to hear that you're doing well.
    I don't see why not. I'd prefer to play it on my own a bit and get used to the tracks first, though. But I'm up for a race.
    Not yet but I will. The US release date is on Sunday.

    Although, the semester is wrapping up so I won't have time to play till the break. I think people here are going to set up wi-fi tournaments or something. I know an online group has been made for Serebii.
    That sucks. I don't know understand why that doesn't fall under the warranty. But at least it's up and running like new. Just keep a closer eye on it so that you don't have to spend more money on getting it fixed. =P

    Horray for Ambassador games! =D Although, the NES games have me convinced that I would've hated video-games for the rest of my life if I played them as a kid...
    That's good. Kinda strange that just the wi-fi got knocked around. For someone ignorant with computing systems, I think it'd be an easy fix (just replace the wi-fi transmitter doo-hickey) but who knows. Hopefully the warranty covers it.
    That's terrible. But yeah, with the warranty it should be free. If they try charging, protest that the warranty is a rip-off.

    I almost got a warranty but decided against it since I'm fairly good about taking care of things. Although, I'm expecting something to go wrong since I didn't prepare for it....

    But yeah, I hope they can fix the wi-fi. That's how you'll get the ambassador downloads and stuff (and the online stuff for games is cool too). Is the wi-fi the only thing wrong with it? The screens themselves are intact?
    That'd be pretty cool to have, but I'm going to have to pass. SR-ing is ridiculous so I'd never ask anyone to do it for me. Once you get yours just move on to something else. Thanks for the offer, though!
    Extemely sorry for the 2 week late response! I've been busy working my internship and haven't had much time here other than lurk. I meant to respond awhile back but apparently I never did.....

    Anyways, I'm glad to hear about your shiny! I'm kind of jealous since you've gotten RE shinies faster than I have (which is why I resort to chaining/MM-ing). But that's awesome!

    I actually haven't played pokemon for a bit now. Again, partly because I don't have time but mostly because I'm spending my free time on my 3DS. At the beginning of the summer I told myself that it would be the only epic thing I'd get with my internship money, but not until later in the year. But then Nintendo announced the price drop. Again, I knew I wasn't going to get it for awhile but was still grateful to save some money. Then I found out that Wal-Mart was dropping the price early. I wanted to take advantage of the low price and the ambassador program so I went out and got it. Technically ripping off nintendo is kinda dishonest, but the only conditions for the ambassador program was buying it before August 12th so....jejeje

    So yeah. I'm happy as a clam atm. It's definitely worth getting if you have the funds. After actually using it, I agree that the original $250 USD price was fair price (although it seems outrageous). But as everyone has said, Nintendo released it WAY too early (before the good games) so that's why it didn't sell too well.

    But that's enough of me bragging. I'm just kinda glad of how things unfolded. =P
    Sorry. My bro had a game so I had to head out.

    Anyways, I'll have the Beldum transferred so I'll be able to trade tomorrow when you get on. I should be home. I'll give you a heads up if things change.

    My fc is in my signature.
    Sorry. I was in the middle of making a long post.

    Anyways, I'll trade a Beldum for it.

    I need to transfer it to Gen 5 so I'll need to wait until my brother returns with his DS before I can do that. So we'd have to trade tomorrow anyways.

    I'll be available most of the day tomorrow (well nighttime for you). I'll be knocking out another trade so hopefully we can meet up.

    Edit: Beldum hasn't been transferred yet and I'm about to head out. So either way, we won't be able to trade today. I'll be around tomorrow and the rest of the week. Just let me know when you're available.
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