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Recent content by Dr.Fleischmann

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    Tiny Shiny Little Ones

    Hi Everybody, I do not have mach experience in Gen7, so I need a bit of help. my aim is a medium paced paced, hail assisted, controlled pivoting Team. So lets start: Vulpix (Alola)~Sitrus Berry Timid, Snow Warning 80/0/4/176/0/248 - Blizzard - Ice Shard - Hypnosis - Encore Has...
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    [WIFI Ubers] medicinal screening

    Bump (isn't there anything to rate?)
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    [WIFI Ubers] medicinal screening

    I am up to explore the Uber-Tier of Wifi and I am looking for further improvements to my most auspicious Team. Soon I decided to go balanced between offense and defense and chose Double-Screen Mewtwo for my strategy, supported by entry Hazards - a job for Forretress. Of course you need a cleric...
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    Rate my team!

    and is becoming uber at most communities
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    A 1st Generation Competitive Team?! Blasphemy!

    problems: 1. I see that you have no recovery excepting indirektly by Exeggutor at all. Stall (if you can call it stall in RBY) will cause heavy pains. Examples Chansey walls 3 of you Tangela also 3 Snorlax 4 The only real Stall-Breaking capability is Slowbro with his Ability to boost. You will...