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  • Thanks for your understanding, I don't want to be seen like a complainer but I just blew it with that comment.
    So far, I've only ever seen you, GSNinja, and maybe Fatal (I see a lot of guys with that name.. he's the Egyptian dude, right?)
    Oh God. Please, no...
    Look I'm not saying the three dark type trainers are the Striaton Triplets are the Shadow Triad but
    Again: You used to be able to dream pal your actual game friends
    They took this away

    Because they are insane
    Right but here's the thing: It's random chance.
    I have to* just so happen upon your island (or you on mine) and then send a Dream Pal request which you would have to accept.
    There is nothing that can increase the chance of getting to your island and just being in-game friends doesn't coutn as Dream Pals. When the Global Link first launched in Japan, you could Dream Pal your in-game friends but they took that out because ????
    There is a thing you can do to make it less random that involves finding your server number but that's no guarantee.

    What I'm saying is dream world is silly at times

    *Last I heard. I don't think it changed in the latest update but
    I would say yes but dream palling is the most ridiculous thing to do for no good reason
    Serebii's (& AAPF) made it clear before. It is specifically referred to as Form in Japanese, not Forme.
    They're spelled differently in Japanese, too
    Hey, I know the thread can get frantic so I posted it here too:
    Game Freak is extremely particular in its wording.

    Formes always have different stat layouts (. Giratina, Shaymin, and friends? Those are all formes.
    Forms, don't. They're almost purely aesthetic. The only form to receive a difference is Castform, who changes type with its forms but not stats.

    But wait, you say, what about Rotom, Wormadam, and Darmanitan?
    Here's where game freak gets silly: None of them are referred to as formes or forms. Wormadam? Those are just cloaks. Darmanitan? Modes. Rotom? <word> Rotom
    So only when a legend changes form and gets stat redistribution, is it called a Forme.

    Seriously, check the Pokedex. The Basculins are specifically called Red/Blue-Striped Form. The Cherrims are overcast/sunny form. Unown is One Form (har har). And so on.
    As a result of inactivity between November 8 and the time of this message, your claim on Scrafty on Claim A Pokemon 5.0 has been dropped.
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