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  • Hmm...yeah that's what I realized once I was playing it but I was corrected.

    When I thought it could hit flying Pokemon I must have confused it with Rock Slide
    Obviously not, but a thread like that is asking for trouble anyway. All it needed was just one out-of-place comment and it would have been Flamewar Central.

    I'd rather play safe.
    Do you have a shiny riolu thats adamant and likes to thrash about or modest and mischievous?
    hmm im not really interested in Gen I-IV shinies anymore, I'm mainly looking a shiny zorua or shiny snivy
    I like your team. =] I think Karrablast is the only one I'm not also training (I prefer ninjas!). How far are you? And what starter did you get? Was going to say version, but then I saw the awesomeness that is Duosion!
    I'll be sending them in this order then: Roggenrola, Karrablast, Vanillite, Larvesta, Scraggy...I think...In case you want to know...>_<"
    I did everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Do you think my game is messed up? Or, better yet, could you point me in the direction of the building so I can stop obsessing about it. The reason I got the game WAS for Zoroark, plus, it's part of my team. :)

    Thanks. :)
    Sorry, but would it be OK if we trade six hours from right now? I have everything ready now, but it's already 2.30 AM here, so I'll need to go to bed first...>_<"

    Sorry once again for the long wait...>__<"
    sorry about the crappy thread. didn't see anything about it in the rules but i guess i should've known.
    I appreciate it, I truly do. Really, I think everyone got a little out of hand earlier, so it's only logical that there would be a clash at some point...but still, that doesn't excuse my actions. Thanks for forgiving me all the same, and you're welcome too. I hope there'll be no further troubles between us. ^^
    I'm sorry, man. I really flew off the handle in the B/W Character thread, and I feel like a freaking idiot. You were right; complaining about complaining is every bit as bad as, if not worse than complaining itself. Again, I'm really sorry.
    Alright: Even GF admits they won't do better at balancing the Pokemon like how the players are doing, according to their interview in the latest issue of Nintendo Power. They shouldn't feel ashame about how players are doing better than them, since they created the series, so all they have to do is to try balance the Pokemon, movepool wise (since it's too late for stats and ablilties), and outbeat them. Every Pokemon should at least know some moves to counter their weaknesses.
    I'm glad I could bring joy to you on this day. I was watching Family Guy when Peter started singing it, and the first thing I did was come here and change my avatar and title. Good times :D
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