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  • Sorry to bother you, but I'm posting here to save further spamming in the "Hunter J" thread. Thing is, the user might is a lowlife troll. He's being a contrarian and trying to derail the whole forum into a chaos. There are several posts of him in the spoilers section, where several of his posts are contrary to the ones that are usually accepted to be true by the general audience. So just ignore him. If you don't feed him or don't reply to his posts, he'll go away. That's the only way we can get rid him.

    I think you'll find it interesting that he's the same user as satan (who got banned for whatever reason). Proof? Notice the similarities between satan's post (the first post in that page) and might's posts that follow afterward. On a similar note, someone else told me that he has had 10 or 11 accounts, which got banned eventually.

    The mods seem to be more lenient in the PAD section, because I'm surprised they still didn't ban him, and I reporter him several times, but to no avail. However, the mods have deleted some of his posts in the spoilers section because just like his posts in the Hunter J thread, they are just outright spams.
    Like what? Pokemon Pikachu edition, Houoh's Beast vs. Lugia's Birds, The climate changing battle between Groudon and Kyogre with Rayquaza as a Peace Keeper, Giratina's Distorted Realm, Shadow Pokemon. Explain them all, tell us in one big Post that none of these are proof that Gamefreaks grabs ideas from Pokemon Animated series and Pokemon Special.
    sdlfjnsd;jfbsd oh my god I don't care if this is old and answered but in order:
    -This is the only thing based off the anime becauuussse....
    -This was stated in the game
    -This STILL hasn't been shown in-game. It's only in the 2nd Movie, the one commerical (implied, and honestly probably just there so Lugia isn't alone), and the (not made by GF sooo) PMD series.
    -Again, based on in-game things originally
    -The movie was used to promote platinum. It's why Origtina & Skymin are in there, as well.
    -Shadow pokemon? Well if those did appear in the anime (don't think so...), the games they show up in aren't GF main-line games (Genius Sorority made them)
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