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  • Oh haha, PC. One thing you should note about PC is I've actually left there technically. (I still go back now and then to grab stuff I didn't get before I decided to stop posting, but... yeah.)

    As for Taylor Swift, YMMV. Her tunes are catchy, sure, but I honestly find a lot of her images to be a little on the trite side. The messages she uses tend to remind me of high school poetry, the kind by people who haven't actually been in love (beyond awkward teen drama) but want to talk about it because they're under the impression that love is universally beautiful. So, kinda like the cheerful version of emo poetry. But this is just the way I see her songs, so.

    High five the rest of those, meanwhile, especially Sara Bareilles. Going to have to agree with the comment concerning "Love Song." It's a catchy song, but I feel like her other songs are a lot more powerful. Especially "King of Anything" and "Uncharted." Regina Spektor is equally fabulous, I must say, and I can't really pick any one song that I like more than the others of hers. Alanis Morisette, meanwhile? Oh so much nostalgia right there. I adore everything she's done in the 90's. Not sure how I feel about her more recent stuff, but I might just be wearing nostalgia goggles here.

    Also, yes to Artemis Fowl. Or I've read the first one, anyway, back in high school. And then I made the immensely silly decision of not picking up another one because I loved that book back then. The characters all were pretty awesome, and I've always had a soft spot for kid geniuses. And of course, can't argue with you at all about urban fantasy.
    Lesbianism is an exception to everything :p

    I have Skype on my laptop, it was already on there but I just have to set it up I think. Profile spam ftw! I don't have Google+ mainly because I don't think any of my friends have it and I pretty much only use Facebook for playing Mousehunt and posting random witty crap that I happen to think of. I didn't really see how having another social network would improve my life xD

    Trying to set up Skype now, but it's being difficult for some reason.
    Holy crap, you're right! That is awesome xD

    i suppose if I can make Twilight/Trixie work, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to make Annabeth/Rachel work, thing is, there's a definite canon time zone in which this can only make sense. From meeting to Rachel becoming Oracle, which severely limits things... or is the oracle allowed to date chicks? Is it just a preservation of her... maidenhood... or is it strictly romance?

    I can imagine a story, if the latter is true, where Annabeth is freaking out over Percy's disappearnce and she takes a walk and finds herself outside of Rachel's cave, after a talk, they get a bit touchy feely and Rachel divulges how she's "Always thought she was beautiful" and that Annabeth "Always thought so to, that's why she was so jealous" and in her confusion, she latches onto the nearest source of affection.

    Good ol' Beckendorf, what a champ. Another reason why Nico is awesome, he can speak to dead people AND he can touch the ghost people in Camp Jupiter, dragging them away by the ear and such xD
    Okay, you have a point, Heroes isn't simple, but Season 1 and the whole "Save the cheerleader, Save the world" mantra was pretty simple. Not in execution mind you.

    I get it now, so Rachel's entire point was to confuse Percy so much that he doesn't know what he wants, only for him to finally realise it at the very end. Who said women were hard to read, they're so simple to deal with! I never said there wasn't any tension, you could see it on Annabeth's face (well not literally see) whenever she showed up or whenever her name was mentioned, even going so far as to think of any other way to navigate the labyrinth. But in the ned it was out of petty jealousy because of Percy, but (it even says at the end of Book 5) that they get along perfectly well now that She's swore off romance and that she actually has Percy.

    I think somewhere along the line I lost sight of the whole point of this... I only now realise that of course you know this, we were debating the compatability of Annabeth and Rachel as a lesbian pairing... Yeah, it would never work, ignore me xD

    Leo will probably fall in love with Reyna (If I were to be completely honest) you know how he is with unavailable women. Her past with Jason will obviously compound his insecurities and then he realises at the bery end that for someone to love him, he has to love himself. Then a slammin' hottie lands in his lap and he gives a big thumbs up to the camera.
    Were Percy and Rachel ever "official" as in they acknowledged each other's feelings openly? Or was it just, they both kinda liked each other (Percy perhaps because Annabeth was being kind of unreasonable with the whole Luke thing and he felt that she felt she was unavailable or something) To me it seemed like a passing crush that helped Percy understand his true feelings.

    Him being a mixed up teenager/demigod and all.

    And you've pretty much hit the nail on the head about what I gleaned in the storyline. All of the things you pointed out about Percy and Frank, I reached the exact same conclusions. Although I can imagine Frank and Hazel going out together, what with the whole "borrowed time" angle they both have, it'll probably be one of those things where it's a happy ending, except they're both dead. Kinda like Luke's Sacrfice at the end of Book 5 instead of Beckendorf on the boat at the beginning of Book 5.

    Why can't it be simple, like in Heroes? If you saved the cheerleader, you saved the world. It wasn't a choice! I can imagine a fair few manly tears being shed somewhere along the line of these next books.
    Leo's pyrokinesis is probably extremely useful. And I strongly believe that Gaea thinks that he's a liability because of his fatal flaw. I bet you that the kid is loaded with self-loathing and feelings of inferiority after inadvertently causing his mother's death. His narration in Lost Hero implied that he feels inferior to Jason a lot. His fatal flaw is probably linked to all that.

    Talking about fatal flaws, I'm scared about what Percy will do. Throughout the series, people have repeatedly said that Percy's fatal flaw was his loyalty to his precious people. Couple this with Frank's destiny to "sacrifice what it necessary for the greater good" and Juno's warning that "Annabeth is going to be a problem". Somehow, I think that Percy's loyalty to Annabeth is going to compromise the mission (save the girl or save the world), and Frank will step in to stop it. DDD:

    Thalia is a lesbian magnet. Don't forget Thalia/Annabeth, and Rachel pairings. Rachel has also sworn off men but she has that "tension" with Annabeth over her previous relationship with Percy...
    Well... it IS a story about teenagers.

    I was just about to say that it's really hard to create femslash pairings in PJO, but then Thalia appeared in my head... No, she swore off romance... to men... Oh goddess... There we go. Now I have to try my hardest not to write a Thalia/Artemis fic :p Especially not one where Artemis affectionately refers to her as 'cub'. That can't go anywhere healthy.

    Moving swiftly on... I know you said I don't creep you out, but I creep me out sometimes xD

    One thing you didn't mention about what Leo brings to the team. Yeah, he's got FIRE!!! And said FIRE!!! is enough to keep the freakin' Goddess of Snow at bay, but that's pretty much all he has combat wise. His magic tool belt (One of Riordan's more 'belief extending' creations but hey... it's magic, he doesn't have to explain it) and super repair skills can come in handy in a support role, but beyond hitting people with a wrench (Bioshock style) or going Gordon Freeman on someone's arse, he isn't very handy mid battle. It took some serious improvising for him to do something in the battle with the giant, plus there's the fact that Gaia's pretty much singled him out as a potential air quotes "ally" in the same kind of she hinted with Percy in SoN. So he's kind of a liability as well. A hilarious liability, but one nonetheless.
    I apparently had a lot to say here xD enough for two posts anyway...

    SoN brings up something I've thought about in the past, Legacies. I never knew them by that term until I read the book, but I always thought, "Say Percy and Annabeth have children, would the children inherit some powers? Or does a God(dess) have to be directly involved in the conception? Or perhaps do Legacies turn out to be people like Sally Jackson and Rachel Dare who can see clearly through the mist, but have no direct godly powers?"

    PJO fanfiction is an odd subject in my opinion, I can see what you mean about it being hobbled. Harry Potter for example, because of it's setting creates almost infinite possibilities, Pokémon being similar. Percy Jackson just requires a massive understanding of Greek Mythology to stay true to the source material and not everyone has that at hand (or the desire to learn it) I could probably give it a fair bash because I already knew a load about it because I've studied it in school. Admittedly it was primary school (I got a gold star for my storyboard of Persephone eating the pomegranate and being forced to stay in the underworld xP) but the point still stands. I even go along with the whole polytheism thing and use the term gods instead of just god, it's good fun!

    Clearly, the best pairing is Reyna/Annabeth, are you aware of how much truth there is behind it? Riordan clearly hinted at it being canon.
    I have both (and pretty much everything else he's done) on my iPod already xP His stuff was actually some of the first I put on my iPod. He's also working on the music for MLP: Fighting is Magic, a game I cannot wait for, the team obviously understand fighting games and it'll be a blast to play when it comes out. The Applejack theme is on his youtube and it kicks ***, I can only hope the rest are as good.

    Apollo's cool and all, he's got the whole, sun, poetry/music, medicine thing under his belt, but Riordan always put him across as a party boy, that's one thing I can imagine Athena applying to everyone of his male children, she's wise but wisdom only gets you so far. Annabeth is perfect proof of that.

    Ambassadorness indeed. Nico's all like, "I'ma chill on this tower, watch you Romans beat each other up." I wonder whether Hades was upset that Pluto isn't a planet anymore, that just seems like the kind of thing that would annoy him. "Damn Zeus, influencing the mortals to make Pluto not a planet!"

    That Big 3 triangle does make sense, but they already have Hazel to rep ol' Hades, so for the sakes of godly diversity, I'd imagine Annabeth would be a better fit. Besides, didn't Nico get captured? Nico's so badass that he works LITERALLY from the shadows, aiding in whatever way he deems necessary. Also, Annabeth may not have direct combat potential, but she has a brilliant tactical mind, Battle of Manhattan for example. That's sure to come in handy.
    Dr Dissonance wins so hard. His (or her) orchestral skills are top notch, I have a load of their stuff on my my iPod. That's not saying much though, because my iPod is 85% Pony Fan Music xD

    Plus, Athena has the whole "badass birth" angle. Being born, fully formed from a crack in Zeus' skull, I haven't seen a more badass sentence since I read the blurb on this book I found in a local bookshop... "The story of Fenrir, the wolf destined to kill Odin at Ragnarok."

    I'll have to disagree, I doubt Athena would very much like any of her daughters going near Apollo xD

    Slick Rick eh? Sneaking that in there. At least we have a schedule now. I always thought it was going to be Annabeth anyway, I didn't think about Nico, even during the second book xD I just loved how he was this guy who appeared every now and then and still got honoured because he was the son of Pluto.

    I'm also voting Thanatos as best interpretation of Death yet, he's so cool. He actually gave me some epic ideas for storylines and such... too bad I've lost all creativity when it comes to pokémon.

    Confound these Ponies! They drive me to draw Filly Dash!

    ...and then colour it in on the computer!
    The episode made me love Big Macintosh that little bit more, it's too bad his only serious dialogue happens at the start of Applebuck Season, he seems like the kind of guy who could solve most of Ponyville's problems with a few words and a stern glare. Except perhaps where his sister is involved... Damn Applejack. You scary!

    That Twight and the CMC scene was so good. Especially her face as she spots them playing, I can't help but imagine Sweetie Belle running away and shouting "I need an adult!" because creepy librarians wielding tatty dolls and lots of magic... damn.

    Athena's cool, except when she's trying to kill Percy via godly vote. Or split him and Annabeth up. Or pissing off spiders. Artemis has her own team of super archers who go hunting and are all immortal and such AND she's goddess of the moon, she's basically Nightmare Moon, with all of the awesome that entails.

    I didn't know the title of the next book, it didn't say at the end like it did in the first book. I didn't exactly look around though, does it have a projected release date? In the first book it said Fall 2011.
    Don't get me wrong, she's been a brilliant character in book's 1 through 5, I've just been a little disappointed that she hasn't really had much exposure in the latest series. She kinda reminds of Twilight in a way, with the word "adorkable" being very fitting xP. The prediction Ella made about her should be very interesting however, something about her burning through Rome because Percy decided that Reyna was a more badass girlfriend.

    One little nod to earlier books that I loved was when they were sailing the boat through San Fran and they see Nereus(?) The old man of the sea from Titan's Curse I believe? And he points at Percy as if to say "You stay the hell away from me!"

    Oh, Books 3 onwards need more Artemis. Artemis is Best Goddess.

    Just remembered my favourite scene from the book. Mars appears and gives them the quest to free Thanatos and Octavian is like "We need a propechy!" and he gives him a laundry list of what he just said. That bit killed me.

    One thing I loved about Lesson Zero is the gratuitous amounts of background pony we got to see (Including an epic Derpy vs Mayor fight xD)
    I saw a hilarious picture where Twilight has her crazy all up in Pinkamina's face and even she is creeped out. We have a new queen of crazy.

    Leo/Piper would never work (Hephaestus and Aphrodite have their problems for a reason xP), although I could see Leo/Hazel because of the whole Sammy thing.

    I honestly wouldn't mind Percy/Reyna either... don't get me wrong, I love Annabeth to death, but she's gotten no love from Riordan recently, for the past two books she's played whiny girlfriend which is kinda annoying. Rick dropped the ball on Annabeth in my opinion.

    I've noticed that everything happens for a reason in the Percy Jackson universe, Hazel loves horses and prefers a typically cavalry based weapon, gets worls fastest horse. It's kinda like MLP in that sense. What with the cutie marks and the Free Will vs Determinism arguments that spew from it.
    Don't know about favourite, but I liked the first "Holy ****!" moment in the book where it starts describing Hazel's "Brother" and I was like, no way... no way... Don't say it's Nico. Bam, Nico D'Angelo (I always liked him)

    I have to agree, I liked Percy's perspective more than I liked Jason's. Maybe it's because I've gotten so used to his narrative from the first five books. To be fair, we never really got to see the "true" Jason, it was mostly just his amnesiac form, it will be nice to see what he's really like with all of his memories and such.

    I wanted to at least see Percy and Annabeth have a reunion at the end of the book (and more Leo. More Leo is always good amounts of Leo. I also did not expect Leo to be Sammy's relative until I kinda pieced it together when they went to the shack in Alaska and Percy saw his picture. That was an awesome twist. I expect Frank to be a little annoyed at Leo in book 3 xP)

    Terminus is best Minor God :D

    I liked Reyna too, she seems like a cool leader-y person, strong female figure and such. Riordan went insane with the backstories with these Roman guys xD Sea of Monsters reference from out of nowhere xD He also wins an award for creepiest shipping ever with Tyson and Harpy lady I forgot the name of but was kinda awesome.

    Have you Episode 3 of MLP yet... Dear Lord... It actually happened, that episode actually happened. So good.
    Just picked up my copy of Heroes of Olympus: The Son of Neptune

    If you haven't. DO SO NOW!
    I think the whole Trollestia thing is rather hilarious, although to be fair in her in-show appearances (and the scenes where the whole 'trolling' thing comes from, "You done spilled some tea Mr. Cake! Lol.") This kinda stuff just showed her to be a somewhat mischievous pony. I remember reading a comic where Luna gets a letter from a fan. That's the kinda thing I can imagine her doing.

    Regardless of how freakin' cool this poster looks, I couldn't get on board with Tyrant Celestia. SHE'S SO NICE!

    Yeah you should, reviews make the world turn, lack of reviews makes superman spin it the other way making movie goers everywhere mad. You don't want Superman to happen again do you?
    Disord stole the show, he was so damn good. Celestia must've been shocked, she got trolled bad xP

    I loved Pinkie Pie in that episode as well, "Guys! Eternal chaos comes with Chocolate Rain. Chocolate Rain Guys!" I can't wait to see how it's all solved, I can't help but feel the Cutie Mark Crusaders will be involved.

    Your characters were believable and realistic, for secondary characters that's all you can ask for in the grand scheme of things. Their job is to assist the main characters in whatever and yours did that very well through his emotional development.
    One week will never feel so long D:

    Also, unless I can catch one of the live streams or it's magically on YouTube literally the instant it's been on television, I'll probably have to wait a little longer before I can actually watch it >_<

    I've been trying to distract myself through writing FiM fanfics.
    x3! Aw, thank you, my dear! That's convenient, actually- I don't have to feel too much of a fangirl with your story now. I was reading it before you asked. x3

    Good idea - I probably should do the same, considering, all of my earlier work makes me cringe one way or the other. That, and my sister keeps on digging up my first story and teasing me. Ah, sweet ammunition. I find it so hard to get rid of things, though...! I have so much rubbish in my mother's attic that I can't bear to throw away. :x I'm going to be buried by 'memories' by the time I eventually move into my own place, I swear.

    It's great to see you around again, by the way. x3 It's been a while.
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