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  • Popping over to let you know that I'm nearly done with your review. <3 Also to say that as I could easily extend the review to four chapters considering I just posted another chapter myself. ;D xD I have yet to take another sweep through it, so knowing me your scissor fingers will be twitching, but you should enjoy some of the character interactions, nevertheless.

    Did you delete your previous fanfictions, by the way? I was flicking through the old 'author profiles' threads in search of my old one (I can only get my 'previous posts' list to go back to 2009 - darn limits xD) and I stumbled across one of your old profiles. The links are all dead, though.
    You did it with balls, which I always appreciate in a fic forum. Unless you go around and personally insult authors like some other kids in this fandom do, but, uh.

    Also, yeah, I feel like no one's are getting through, which is simultaneously sad (because she seems to have had some pretty questionable things taught to her as a kid) and rather frustrating (because multiple people are basically telling her the same things over and over again). Kinda tempted to give up, but I'm a masochist, personally.
    I know I said Fiilyshy was the best, but this made me think otherwise :p

    You can just imagine her going WHEEEEE!

    And, I know it's my birthday, but I wanted to leave YOU with a present in the form of an MLP:FiM fan fic, Past Sins. It just got completed today, which is the most kick-*** birthday present ever. A brilliant read.
    I didn't want to spoil anything myself, I've just read the episode description. September 17th is all I know.

    The entire point of the LJ is for people to read and for me to document my findings on Street Fighter, so I don't mind if you do, I didn't put 'stalk at your leisure' in my sig for no reason you know xD
    I wouldn't call Silver's characters Mary-Sues, per say. At least the Mary-Sues I know are competent; Silver's characters tend to wallow all day and wait for Prince Charming. God, even the modern-day Disney Princesses have more initiative than your creations. Princess Jasmine used mind-tricks on Jafar, Belle broke out of the villagers' imprisonment, and Ariel jumped on Ursula.

    Femininity does not equate to submissive wussiness. D=
    Well, I do it every 5 mins. It just goes too slow. Please tell everyone to speed up to the max.
    "A rock! My destiny is a rock!" Filly Rarity is awesome, but just like the grown up versions, Filly Fluttershy is definitely the most adorable xD

    Oh btw, Season 2 next month possibly. The description of the first episode has been confirmed and it sounds badass.

    I think you could argue that Twilight has the need to please Celestia and doesn't want to look bad in front of her as proved by "New plan, we'll build a new Ponyville, over there, we have 1 minute!" in the Swarm of the Century episode :p She gets that real crazy look in her eye.

    *scans bookcase*

    Erm, oh! The Dexter series by Jeff Lindsay, I like those books. Tom Clancy, Chuck Palaniuk, Let The Right One In, Atlas Shrugged, Douglas Adams. I've read a great many things.

    There aren't many TV Shows/Films/Games that I follow enough to call them fandoms really, but then again, I'd class fandom as something you want to go beyond like writing fics or drawing. So technically Friendship is Magic is a pretty big fandom of mine, just check my LJ for proof of that xD
    xD That Pinkie Pie scene is probably my favourite Pinkie Pie moment ever, it just cements the fact that she is in fact insane rather than just random.

    And yes, of the mane characters, Rarity is my favourite, Suited for Success is one of my favourite episodes and that whining scene never fails to make me laugh. She also has a brilliant VA, who does a great job of accentuating her character (Something all the Voice Actors do, but perhaps Rarity's almost Britishness tips it over the edge :p)

    When it comes to my own personal view of the ponyverse, there are two background ponies who the community have named, Octavia (the pony playing the Double Bass/Cello at the Grand Galloping Gala) and Vinyl Scratch (aka DJ-P0n3, the DJ pony who does the music for Rarity's disastrous Fashion Show in Suited for Success) They just seem like such good characters if they had a chance to be expanded upon.

    JX Valentine likes the show, I've talked to her a little bit about it, but I don't know anyone IRL who watches it.

    Thanks for that, I finished it ages ago but I really wanted someone to have a look at it before I posted it.

    As for fandoms other than the obvious, Doctor Who, Street Fighter (I actually like the backstory as well as the fighting :p) I'm sure there are others I've forgotten, but I'll get them in time xD
    hey! your fanfics are AWESOME! The emotion of Chap. (4?) connected with me. I could feel Black's grief and anger. Could you give me tips? I was starting a fanfic on someone who takes the place of Black. Also, gotta love the Zuko/Katara pic!
    Yeah, Brony power! http://www.equestriadaily.com/ I visit this site every day for random pony stuff, you get to see a load of fan art, music, fiction and news about stuff relating to whatever.

    This! - It uses the plot of a certain episode and the actual scenes themselves but with the voices and script being done by this one guy, it's hilarious. Rainbow Dash, for some reason, sounds epic with a swedish accent.

    As you can probably tell, I'm so Bronely xD I don't get to talk about it with anyone.

    Anyway... Yeah, it's fine, I don't mind at all. And seeing that you offered, could you beta a one-shot for me? Oddly enough (considering our avatars) it's a Falkner/Janine fic based around their meeting in the Celadon Department Store in HG/SS and I want an opinion on, primarily, the second half of the fic. Of course, looking at the first half is all well and good as well.
    Oh no it was pure compliment, I usually don't review Fan fic's because I enjoy the read to much to even think about suggesting how it could be better etc etc. lol Oh and I was speaking about the story about the boy Black and Cynthia. It truly was very well written and I could not stop reading. I've read many Fan Fic's but yours was one I can say I truly enjoyed. :D
    Just dropped in to say I REALLY enjoyed reading your Fan Fac. I've never been so glued to the screen, That was really..Epic (Forgive me for my lack of a better word then epic) I really look forward to reading more from you!
    The only thing I didn't like about Cynthia's back-story is that Dawn resents her, but that's just because I've come to appreciate the relationship that they share in my own head. Obviously you can't have them swanning off together when the resentment plays such a substantial plot point in Cynthia's character development and it's implications for her relationship with Black.

    So I'll forgive you for that ;D

    I actually enjoyed the stuff we saw, how Black figured all the stuff out (reading those autobiographies paid off huh? Good ol' Chekhov's Gun) I think it actually displays some kind of obsessive need to figure Cynthia out so he can find a reason to resent her because he can't find one just through normal conversation and interaction with her (Probably because he respected the **** out of her as a champion and she's a generally pleasant, if mischievous person)

    I actually did see a few things in her back-story that I could perhaps construe as you listening to me, but maybe I'm just being egotistical xD

    My favourite part of the chapter was actually the very end, the sight of Black sitting there and just... opening the floodgates as Cynthia consoles him, it was a pretty powerful image. I'm glad I finally know what that stupid ring Cynthia's messing with is.

    Plus, your little explanation of why Cynthia swaps her Gastrodon for a Togekiss from DP to Pt was pretty slick.

    Cynthia fun fact, the first phonetic sound in her name is the same as the region name. CYNthia - SINnoh, SHarona - SHinou. Ta-da!
    Yeah sure, an hour and a half will be midnight my time so obviously I'll still be wide awake :p

    I opt for insomnia. It's clearly the healthy thing to do ¬¬
    Hm, that sounds interesting. Okay, I'm in.

    (Sorry for late reply, I keep forgetting to reply back to VMs >.<; )
    Hey! :D Haha, I pop on every once in a while/once a year :x I've been meaning to drag myself back to life, though, I haven't written in too long... And you! How are you? It's been forever! :) *hugs*
    What kind of favor is it? I want to know what I'm dealing with first. XD
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