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  • Hi I liked your contestshipping story called picturepurfect... it was really good i cant find the rest of the chapters though have you not posted 6 yet?
    Hey MWB (still not used to your name, lol). What's going on? Haven't heard that much from you in a while, really. GATE doing okay?
    Decide to reply to your comments on my review real quick here so that I don't spam up your thread, m'kay? ^^

    Of the sinous thing- sorry about that. ^^; Also, opps that I forgot in the author's note you put it's better that the readers subscribe instead. Too agree it'll make the PM box happy. ^^ This is what I get for reviewing at two in the morning (I live in the Pacific Time Zone) XD.
    Meh, mr_pikachu thought of doing something a bit different, I guess. XD

    Also, how's the judging for the Requiem Contest going? Sorry to ask, but even though I did not entered in the contest I'm very curious of the entries some of my friends did...^^;
    Hey, Draco! About that other fic I told you about: it's at Pokemasters forums called "War of the Forums" by the fanfic moderator mr_pikachu. At first it started out as a perody but then it turned into a huge sci-fi/fantasy and action/adventure kind of fic. XD
    I'll always think of you as masterwannabe, I'm afraid, and your Grand Festival RPG brought me to the world of RPing. For that, I'm forever grateful, sir.

    Oh, and the Evangelion reference in the character Andrew Kennedy: you could have been a little less obvious about it, in more ways than one.
    XD. It's okay that forgot who I am. I haven't been the most active SPPer either so I also forget tonnes of people and who they are. XD

    My old name was "masterwannabe" although I don't like it so much anymore.

    And Zutara forever! XD
    crap don't kill me but um, you are? @.@'; sorry I havn't been to sppf in so long.


    Zuko x Katara forever!
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