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  • Hey man, I’m the one who needs help to complete de sword dex. The Pokémon that I need are: sooble, lotad, cherubi, appletun, spritzee, croagunk, galarian corsola, throh, solosis, vullaby, sableye, galarian ponyta, oranguru, drampa, lunatone, eiscue, larvitar, goomy, zamazenta and help with the tarde evolution Pokémon, such as trevenant, rhyperior, escavalier and accelgor. Thank you!
    Oh man, may you please trade me a Regenerator Slowpoke? I'll give you one of the shinies for it :O
    Hey there, I havent seen you on Discord at all.

    So therefore I contact you by VM.

    I added you in my FC list, so feel free to pick up your grubbin.
    its fine tbh we all be making our teams over again from the new meta so once bank finally opens for sun and moon I can send a crap full of stuff over but if you need any help with dark types i can help. I know I breed absol not to much ago for a shiny one on oras. i personally love that pokemon <3
    if you haven't been removed as dark leader yeah I will allow it this time but makes sure please to stay active as best as you can. I understand getting busy with irl is more important just make random posts that your alive for the dark gym or just message me please and thanks :3
    just giving a friendly poke once more if you don't answer back in a few days since its been since febuary since your last sign in I will have to give your position as dark leader away :c
    hey draco if you like to keep your position as leader please message me in a few days I noticed you have been activie on the forums but haven't posted in awhile in the league.
    Take all the time you need :)
    Note it has egg moves as well - feel free to heartscale them on at fall arbor,I don't use it too often
    Well, I'll be looking to challenge your Dark Gym when you get a team ready, and I'll be coming to win.
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