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  • hello D_P its me S.Busta if you remember. I was wondering how you got the Arura feild around your sprites, whether you put that in manualy or is some tool on paint i dunno. And also how do you do your sprite strips i think I_D is going to PM/VM you on more about that so good bye and hello at the same time.

    The Christmas Sprite Contest is over and we need to vote. The serebii spriters contest.


    So yes if you see a sprite that inspires you to make a sprite JUST LIKE IT, you usually do say what gave you the inspiration!

    And I saw it- and have to say the only thing you did better, were the fangs, you screwed up the Ariados markings and the stinger and the horn :/
    No, it will be a rating system, on the 13th i will send a sheet containing all of the enteries in their groups, then i will give three things or 'factors' that need to be considered when rating.
    Hey it not my idea, its just a fusion, and its been wandering around the spriting world for years, so, go ahead ;D
    Sorry I didn't know that the idea was yours. I just saw wolfy's examples in this shop that I used to work at last year but I didn't know the idea was yours so I'll remove it from my shop ok?
    I also apologise if I was a bit off. I'm doing my battle tower guide as my 500th post. I need motivation to get it done so I've sat myself at 499 with no other choice but to finish it before posting. I'll see what I can do after. As a general rule of thumb though; offensive teams will be beaten by stall teams unless they make some kind of sacrifice. Not that that's reason enough to justify the loss in power. It's all about preference.
    While I'd love to reply to your post in extensive detail pulling statistics from this side of the moon, I'm saving my 500th post for something better. I can tell you that I have extensive UU experience. I never said your team was bad. You took things out of proportion. Your examples weren't very well thought out and I commented. You then accuse me of not knowing what I'm talking about? Take it or leave it pal...
    hey D_P, what do you think of my fusion in my sig? My first one! Eek! Hope metalharpy finishes my request soon, i want it in time for Christmas!! How are you?
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