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  • Ah well. If you see me online, feel free to send me a message. I'll probably stay up late tonight, so maybe we'll have a chance to battle, if not today then maybe tomorrow or over the weekend. :)
    huh what? sorry, i wasnt paying attantion to my serebii account. And I can't wifi battle either because my team is unavailable, im able to battle on PO but not now, like, later. Heh
    Sorry, my life is very hectic right now :( I message people when i have a spare 1-2hours on my hand, but they don't reply, so when they do reply, i am at school or busy (Story of my life :D)
    Hope your on soon.
    I'd love to, but I can't right now. It's nearly 1 here, and I have classes tomorrow. Will you be on around 11:30pm GMT tomorrow?
    I am at school right now, but i will be on later :D
    TheUmbreonMaster is really nice :D He thrashed me in 3 battles, but he is nice enough to help me improve, too maany people when vsing me think i am a noob, i kinda am, but i have potential :D
    Could we battle later?
    It is 9:10 am here right now, so the time difference may be alot.
    I will talk to you later to see if we can battle after school :D although i have a haircut after school :D
    Sorry man but I have school and I am on everyday at 3:30, How about we battle this Friday at 3:31. And if you do not mind can the battle be lvl 100 6 on 6 singles.
    HI DRACO <3 I have you on my friends list so I thought I would be random and abuse your VMs :3 *fondles*

    The Pokabu line sucks!Chaobu and Emboar are the worst pkmn ever made!Too bad Pokabu is so cute
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