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Last Activity:
Sep 15, 2018
Jul 21, 2012
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Just Monika, Female

dracon1 was last seen:
Sep 15, 2018
    1. KenzeyEevee
      Hey how are you?
    2. EKZ1505
      Yeah sorry I misread, but see my edited message below (tried to correct it in time before it caused any confusion, but you saw it before then)
    3. EKZ1505
      Edit: I apologize - I misread your message. Unfortunately I'm still not interested as the fact that it has flawless IVs (and nature) is almost impossible, so I can confidently say it is hacked. The Dialga itself may be legit, but the IVs (and possibly nature) are hacked, and that may mean its shininess is likely hacked as well. Also, it's nicknamed which I'm not interested in. Thanks for the offer though (and you may wanna check into more of your Pokemon, since some of your other gen 6 legends, like Zapdos and Deoxys, were definitely hacked. Just so it doesn't come back to bite you trading with others :/ )
    4. Trevenant
      Did you get my PM?
    5. PokemonInc
      Ok sorry, I'm going to have to decline.. >_<
    6. PokemonInc
      I may get back to you like in 2 hours or so
    7. PokemonInc
      Hmm I'll go think about it.
    8. PokemonInc
      Actually what IV spread on Togepi? Is it Female? Is it English?
    9. PokemonInc
      Ok I'll see
    10. PokemonInc
      Hmm maybe the Snorlax
    11. Dew Watatsumi
      Dew Watatsumi
      ok, you may need an ability capsule to get immunity because whenever I get one w/immunity its always 3-4iv
    12. Dew Watatsumi
      Dew Watatsumi
      ok. it may not be the right nature since I have 1000 of those things
    13. Dew Watatsumi
      Dew Watatsumi
      5iv right? mine in the sig
    14. Dew Watatsumi
      Dew Watatsumi
      i'll trade a 5iv snorlax for your lapras
    15. DForce
      Thanks so much. Now to start the long process of breeding in electric terrain. :/
    16. lokistarwind
      thank you my good person
    17. jesz_
      Probably only fishing shinies for that one, as it's not /exactly/ what I'm looking for.
    18. wbartholomy
      Thank you, I am just glad that I did not steal anything from anyone. My karma is clear to go hatch shinies now!
      Only 2 MM shinies so far everything else has been FS or trade
    19. malacobaco
      Hi, thanks. I appreciate your kindness.
      My FC: 1418-6891-9672
    20. Hudsonn98
      So I saw your post in the Item Trade thread. I just obtained my fourth badge in Pokemon X and I'd really like a Charizardite Y for my Charizard. I can obtain a Tyranitarite as soon as I beat the game. Can I get the Charizardite Y now and send you the Tyranitarite when I get it? I can send you my Charizardite X to hold onto/have until I fulfill my end of the deal, you know,sorta like an IOU.
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