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  • oh
    That's a type of firefly
    Those are Net Glowworms
    Yay thanks

    Cryolophosaurus was an early dromeosaur (more commonly called raptors) with a small bony frill on its head. Its main prey would have been small insects and mammals.

    "Bomber worms" are actually a species of beetle native to the Americas called the Firesearch beetle or Smoke-detector beetle. Once an adult mates, it seeks out the smell of a forest fire (which it can sense from over fifteen miles away), then flies to it as fast as it can. Because a living tree would kill the larva, Smoke-detector beetles prefer to lay their eggs in burning or burnt trees that their larva can easily crawl out of. The smoke-detector beetle is bright, metallic red and shaped like a bullet, and is often seen swarming in the direction of even a campfire.

    My insect definition is longer because I love insects, arachnids, myriapods, and all their relatives. I'm studying to get into a college in California called UC davis because of its entomology program. That's the study of insects. I got two more books about insects for Christmas, and I read one even as I talk to you. That makes six in total. Three of them are complete encyclopedias of every insect. The smoke-detector beetle was one of the first insects I ever read about. Anyway, do you think PinkCupcakesYay would like to be in our RPG group?
    *Dialga tackle-hugs Wolfie*

    I just got myself a job so I can make a little extra money before heading back to school. Right now, I'm sitting on my bed with my laptop talking to friends.
    Doing good, hope you get in the second time around!

    If you need any help (not with the test per se), feel free to shoot a vm.
    just in case you wanted to know
    Name: SireferiS
    Your dimension is a 4D reality of our world, incomprehensible to humankind.
    Your spells are Summon Minion x6 (once per battle), 4D Shape (thrice per battle), and Extradimensional Rage (twice per story).

    Hey we could RP group one on your visitor messages!
    Y/N ?
    I'm okay, I've been playing Twilight Princess HD. You?

    *Wolfie puts a smile on Dialga's face. Wolfie is always so kind to Dialga and always makes him feel good.*
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