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  • ? Okay, well, let me know when you're ready to trade. Though, if you need help trade evolving for the national dex, might as well do our permanent trades at the same time.

    Getting up early is no fun. Unless, of course, you happen to be one of those strange specimens who is a morning person. Although I wouldn't word it as strongly, I'm more along the lines of what my former roommate was expressing when she said that she hated the expression "good morning" because there was no such thing as a good morning, lol. Good luck with whatever you need to take care of.
    My friend code is in my About Me.
    Electric safari Pachirasu, Pikachue, and Luxio

    If any one can help me with legendary pokemon pokedex registration that would great, you can have them back right away because I don't need them for anything else.
    not particularly, I have pokemon with pokerus myself and since the advent of super training I generally use that for EV training.
    No you can keep the salamance it had pokerus once so you can use it if you like.
    Thanks for the battle it was fun and I learned alot. I will get on breeding your metagross the day after tomorrow along with your eevee.
    Nice battle. If you don't mind i will do the Friend Safari thing now. Then afterwards, i can send you back the Salamence if you want.
    Btw, do you want that Salamence back? I'll keep it safe if you want it back, but let's battle first and then do the Friend Safari thing.
    I am ready to battle now, let's continue the conversation right here. It's easier to keep track of things this way.
    Hi. What time do you want to do the Friend Safari thing and have the battle? I should be ready in 1 hour.
    Hi. I've added you. You have an electric safari, and your first two pokemon are pikachu and pachirisu. I won't be able to tell your third pokemon until we're on at the same time.
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