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  • Well, Greninja vs Sceptile was a spam fest as expected, but at least it was a dynamic fest rather than Goodra vs Slurpuff lol
    I wish I could tell you with certainty but the stream I was watching was super laggy. I'll need to watch the episode again properly once it's uploaded. xD
    So I went to a nearby beach/island and caught a bunch of Pokemon for my Pokedex. It was great. I'm at 80 caught and 82 seen (darn Golbat and Kadabra glitched!). Battling is simple, and I finally understand how the gyms/training/teams work. I still think catching/collecting is the better part of GO though. One of my 10 km eggs was an Onix, which was very exciting. The other may have been Ponyta, it was something i already had. I currently have 2 more 10 km eggs about halfway done. Still hoping for a Jynx. What is your latest most noteworthy GO news?
    I'm not gonna complain about another O'Reilly's commercial again after witnessing those.

    Maybe it's not their fault. Perhaps a low budget?
    I've seen worse animation... maybe. Who types like that though? (Video #2)

    Do these actually air on television?
    Oh wow, that's kinda impressive.

    There's a lot of things I should get done. *Siiiiiigh*
    I picked Mystic because I like Articuno and the color blue the best lol. Instinct is the least popular here as well, and Valor is by far the most, so I am also in the middle ground. I'm not really into the battling too much yet. I just defeated a gym for the first time yesterday. Still not exactly sure how the gyms and battling in general works. I'm just so excited to catch em all right now. (I've got 56.) I spent 99 cents for 20 more pokeballs today. Don't judge me!

    I'm jealous of your baby Jynx! I have 2 10 km eggs approaching completion. I am hoping for a Jynx, Lapras, or Aerodactyl. I'm really close to having enough candy to evolve for a Victreebel, so that's my goal for the next couple of days.

    Anyways, I am thinking of starting Your Favorite Pokémon Face-Off. Basically, participants would nominate their favorite Pokémon(s) and then they would face off. The caveat being that you can't upvote a pokemon that you nominated yourself. I think there would need to be more than just 3 or 4 regular participants for it to be fun, but do you think this is worth a try??
    Congratulations on your 5-year anniversary :DD It has been a really long time since we last talked (mostly because I haven't really been on SPPf much)

    Also I like your avii haha
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