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  • Excellent choice! I have mostly classics on my Wii U, especially two player and party like games. And there's a ton on the store.

    Console games vary here. Stuff like PS4 and Xbone games are usually about 79.99 or so, Wii U ranges from about 65 to 70 dollars and 3DS is usually about 40-45 but Pokemon Sun and Moon here were 50 or 55? I can't actually remember. I had it fully paid off forever before it came out.

    No New Years sale, but the winter/christmas sale lasts till the second of january if I'm not mistaken.
    Tell ~CallOfTheIndie~ her PM inbox is full and I can't contact her :p

    Ah, that's good. I was Metal Coat hunting a while back and even with my Compoundeyes Butterfree, it still took longer than I expected. Do you know how that works? I looked it up on Bulbapedia and it says "the chance of finding a Pokémon in the wild holding an item increases from 50%/5%/1% to 60%/20%/5%." No idea what they mean by that... so, if it's a 5% chance, it becomes 20%? It sure didn't seem like a 20% chance.
    I also had a lot of trouble catching my second Xurkitree (the first one somehow went easy). I had to lower its Speed with Mudsdale's Rock Tomb, send in Golduck to use Soak, then use Klefki's Thunder Wave to paralyze it. But Guzzlord, which I caught today, was even harder. Confusion from Thrash meant it could destroy itself, but I managed to come up with a strategy that kind of worked. Now that I've caught all of the Ultra Beasts, my favorites in terms of design are Nihilego and Celesteela. I'll hopefully get around to EV-training them all and using them in battles in the future.

    Sounds good, I might use one there myself, though it will take a while before I start battling at the Tree.

    Yay! Now you just need to update the Create-A-Trainer Face-Off as well :)
    Guzzlord just wants to be loved. lol

    Oooooh, could you breed a Riolu from that for me?
    How does anything eat when in Pokemon Refresh?
    My guess would also be that it just stab people.
    Alright, that's good, and thank you. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for anything you don't have.
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