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  • Hey dragi. In sure you have heard of the "beat event pokes" could u fill me in on what they are. Also Id like to trade for your sapphire zigzagoon. It's the first pokemon game I really played a lot so. I think it's suitable to try to get.
    Hey Dragi I just saw your post on the Event Trades forum thread and I was interested in one of your Pokemon up for trade. I'm looking for the American Toys 'R Us Level 100 event Regigigas Untrained and Ucloned with the Custap Berry to get the other three Regis in Platinum. Tomorrow I will be going to both of my local Gamestop and Toys 'R Us stores to get the shiny Suicune and Ash's Pikachu. I read on your post that you're looking for either of these. If you're interested take your pick of which one you want and send me a PM so we can hopefully set up a trade this week :)
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    hi there, just wondering if you're still looking for gcea events?
    i got a few since our last trade, and also want to trade with you again since you have some events that i don't have :p
    Sounds great, sometimes i miss WoW... hehe i just realized you write in your own Visitor Messages XD
    thats alright i found out that i cant breed them with fissure anyway =[ but ill just not evolve it till its learnt it =]
    i saw an old post tht said you hav a shiny flygon with fissure, im wondering whether you breed some trapinches with fissure
    um.....dragi....are you still like really busy? I was just wondering whether we could set a date and time to trade..........
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