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  • You're taking me way to ****ing seriously, you know that? If you're expecting anything more than what I'm giving you right now, than you're expecting too much. I can respect what you're saying, but I'm not going to change myself for you. I hate it when people want me to change for them.
    Well then get over it. =/ I don't want to hear YOU complain about how YOU seem to think I'm "bitching" and not "talking like a decent person". And if you "have better things than to get worked up from me", than why don't you go do them instead of wasting your time complaining about it to someone who doesn't even see your goddamn point?
    What the hell are you going on about? And apparently completely overreacting over NOTHING is considered being a "decent person" now?
    I never really found One Piece to be that interesting though, so I can understand that.

    Indeed it is, but that only serves to make our music taste better.
    Poor Ole... But that is probably what one would call a middle range length, long series are over 100, for example, Dragon Ball is 153 episodes long.

    Idiots, Kat, radio type people...
    Meaning that it would be near impossible for you to finish a longer series?

    But that is only because of their desire to get good ratings, play what the majority wants to get them to listen.
    That is because you talk to Kat, and she is odd, it is single handedly the best anime ever created, and any opinions otherwise will be ignored. Dragon Ball was fun to watch, but it is quite long.

    But that is only because your average radio listener is an idiot, so they will listen to horrible R&B and then the pop genre gets clogged with it.
    Of course it is. Dragon Ball and Neon Genesis Evangelion, I was going to go straight from Dragon Ball to Dragon Ball Z, but I decided I needed a break from extremely large anime series for a little while...

    I suppose I can see the electronica part. But anyway, that is kind of irrelevant if you really take a look at what pop music is...
    Anime, so much anime.

    But Gaga is pop, there is no other way one could classify her music...
    Oh I will, as soon as I have fewer distractions...

    Of course, but the majority is still bad.

    Well you shouldn't do it now but you should have before so we didn't have to go through this. :|

    Don't care.

    I don't feel complied to answer someone who cannot use the word "Have" correctly.

    I don't even say still that often. :|
    Then do it the second you hear the word.

    Hence why I didn't strictly say he did do it.

    It's science, it's impossible to hear any sound in space.

    Maybe they will be good, maybe not, who knows.

    I agree, pop is good at times, just most of it is bad.

    Of course it is awesome, it's Nirvana.
    Must listen to them when I get time, maybe they are like old Yellowcard...

    I still think that kept more country techniques in it though, despite that, I do agree 9 to 5 is much worse.

    Nearly Lost You by Screaming Trees, Make It Wit Chu by Queens Of The Stone Age, Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana, Gamma Ray by Beck, Why Bother? by Weezer. There are more but i really can't be bothered to type them out...
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