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Last Activity:
Sep 25, 2010
Apr 13, 2008
Likes Received:
Sep 17, 1994 (Age: 25)

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Thanks SPPf. TTYL, 25, from Australia

dragon-dark-master was last seen:
Sep 25, 2010
    1. **Jirachi**
      I'll breed it,so its nature doesn't matter if its male,and I'm ready.
    2. (s.i.e)
      you're welcome ddm:)

      oh, by the way is it okay if i add you on PSN? modern warfare 2 is released soon, maybe we can team up sometimes?
    3. (s.i.e)
      M16A4 - laser sight
      M14 - laser sight

      AK-74u - silencer

      light machine:
      RPD - grip

      M1014 - laser sight

      M40A3 - nothing

      both assaultguns are weapons that require skill in order to be effective, the M16A4 gives a 3 bullet burst and is fatal if 2 of the 3 bullets hit in the chest but it's bad side is that it is hard to use in close encounters.

      the M14 is one of the few weapons that can kill enemies with a single round if aimed high on the chest and on the head, it's a semi shooter and perfect for mid and long range, however watch out with close encounters, hits with this weapon may be very effective but it's hard to defend attacks from close unless prepared.

      the AK-74u silenced is also very effective on short range and is very useful in search and destroy, 2-3 hits kill with this gun, it has plenty of rounds to go around with.

      the RPD with grip is effective at long range if done right and is already fatal with merely 2 hits. the grip makes it very accurate, but do know that the reloading takes long so only do that in save conditions.

      the shotgun is the strongest weapon but it can never be effectively used past 10 meters so use it in small maps only, using the aim is not needed but do make sure that you have a clear shot which is fatal in one shot or the opponent retaliates.

      the M40A3 is my favorite, it's accurate, strong, plenty of rounds, and gives low recoil, it's the best weapon among the snipers because the others lack of bullets, high recoil, or power. besides that it's easy to reload it after every kill. the chanse is high that it kills in one shot and if not it is ready to shoot again in no-time.

      all these weapons are combined with the perks i mentioned earlier, it's not allways easy to use them but i think you will like it:)
    4. **Jirachi**
      Looks like you herd I like them^^
      Sorry for being late to posting,I didn't notice that I posted it to my visitor messages instead of yours.Slso,my FC is 0904-1042-4701
    5. **Jirachi**
      First Gastly has 9/19/25/25/19/25
      As for my preference order,its Mudkip,TM72 avalanche,TM05 roar
    6. **Jirachi**
      One of them has 25 sp.atk IVs(20-31 average),other one has the same sp.atk IVs as the first one but has worse def IVs (9 def IVs, 0-19 average, other IVs are same though) and the last one has relatively worse sp.atk IVs then the other two(9 sp.atk IVs,0-19 average)
    7. (s.i.e)
      well my kit allways consists out of these:

      side arm: desert eagle
      sp grenade: stun grenade

      stopping power
      dead silence

      the desert eagle is the best defensive sidearm in the game to defend yourself effectively from close attacks by people with heavy weapons, one spray of 7 bullets is often fatal but two solid hits will do.

      the stun grenade may be shorter lasting then the flash grenade but is safer to use.

      bandolier is simply a perk for double ammo which is useful if you have a sprayweapon or if you don't die after 1 kill, besides that it's also useful for with snipers.

      stopping power is also very useful, the good thing about it is that it increases the chanse of making a kill with one hit, it's especialy useful with weapons that give short bursts of fire or snipers but other then that it's very effective with every weapon.

      dead silent makes steps unheard, it's sometimes considered cheap but great to sprint around without being heard by nearby campers or to ambush campers.

      i can tell you some good weapons too if you like;)
    8. (s.i.e)
      to be honest i havn't checked that for quite some time dragon-dark-master but i will do it for you when i get home, it has improved alot this year i do know that, i found out a pretty neat weapon & perk combination for gunfights which i use standard these days.
    9. (s.i.e)
      whenever i have a new game that supports it but mostly only for a short while to do trophychallenges. there are exceptions though, cod4 is my fave onlinegame eversince it was released in europe, i'm currently at the 7th prestige with it and i play it from time to time if i have no other games to focus on.
    10. (s.i.e)
      ah, you have one aswell. you go often online with it?
    11. (s.i.e)
      well you still got around two weeks so now's a good time to kill the time a little. on what system do you play?
    12. (s.i.e)
      yeah that is true, i blame fallout 3 for that, it's highly addicting:P
      anyway i'm doing fine lately, i'm now busy at work while listening some old after-WW2-music.

      there's not much to do really so i browse around here a bit.
    13. Kecleoshrew
      meh, im so-so
    14. x3boxtel1992
      What u offering? Idk what u have.
    15. x3boxtel1992
      um i can't trade it atm...
    16. Kecleoshrew
      hey man, how are you?
    17. andyhaj
      Now, I have some with the moves you requested...Interested again?
    18. andyhaj
      I don't think so...Still interested?
    19. Surfer_Dude
      I saw it in the "what was your reaction when you heard of HGSS" thread.
      Ohh and thanks for adding me.
    20. j-master
      Youre welcome. I just put you on the list.
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    Sep 17, 1994 (Age: 25)
    Favourite Pokémon:
    None....until i rule the world...give me a week...

    Cricket, Music & Pokemon


    Virtually gone.