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  • Well, there's Mikey Robins, some middle-aged unfunny guy who loves his food. Or Achmal Saleh, a genuinely funny Egyptian man. Though he's not on so often.

    Two jobs is better than no jobs, so you should take both if you can. And paid training is always good.
    Well, there's one on History, English, Maths and It, and I've had one on Legal Studies. The teachers decided to do them earlier this year.

    That's good to hear, what kind of jobs does that involve?

    That's fine, I've been talking on MSN. And I might be getting Call of Duty on Thursday, which I'm happy about. :)

    I suppose I better get going soon too.
    Well, I haven't had them yet, but I think I'll do well.

    That is fast, is it another supermarket after the work?
    I'm alright, though I have a few major tests this week. They shouldn't be too bad though, I'm happy enough.

    Good to hear you got it, have you started it yet?
    sometimes but when I try, I fail.

    ughh.. this forum fails. I keep trying to add myself to my friends list but It wont let me.
    walt disney is bent on evil. EVIL. well besides desposing of miley cyrus and joe bros cuz' thats nice but fangirls will be hatin
    walt disneys to do list
    alliance with osama & hire taliband
    buy cuba
    revive adolf hitler
    make minnie mary mickey
    assassinate obama
    assassinate owner of disney corp.
    assassinate miley cyrus
    assassinate joe bros
    launch nuclear assault on mexico
    start a holocaust against britney spears fans, micheal jackson wont STFU supporters, and australians
    lol i know. otherwise we wouldnt be plagued by the jonas bros or hannah montana. high school musical would be gone too
    Hopefully you'll get some news soon.

    The laptop's still a bit temperamental, but it's working for the moment, which I'm glad about. :)

    Anyway, that's all. See ya.
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